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Al-Safrik Steel’s Anti Vortex Plates

The turbulent flow of any fluid is rehabilitated into the laminar flow, and Anti-vortex plates help to smoothen the fluid flow and prevent free spaces from being created like bubbles called cavitation. The cavitation can create considerable damages, including:

  1. Dents
  2. Imbalance
  3. Shockwaves in the moving parts

Anti-vortex plays a vital role in protection, and Al Safrik Steel is delighted to present a range of Anti-vortex Plates designed to optimize fluid flow, improve safety, and enhance efficiency in various applications.

After the successful response from UAE, we offer steel fabrication services in Saudi Arabia. With our durable and innovative steel fabricated products, you can effectively mitigate the formation of vortices, ensuring smooth, fluid movement and preventing potential hazards.

Read on to explore the different types of Anti-vortex Plates we offer.

Types of Anti-Vortex Plates:


Our Circular Plates are famous for preventing vortices in fluid systems. These plates feature a circular design with strategically placed openings that redirect the flow of fluids, reducing turbulence and the formation of vortices. By installing circular Anti-vortex plates in tanks, reservoirs, or other fluid storage systems, you can maintain a stable fluid level, minimize the risk of air entrainment, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.


We produce Rectangular Anti-vortex Plates as an excellent option when you require a more tailored solution for your fluid system. These plates are designed with rectangular shapes, allowing for precise installation in tanks, sumps, or other fluid containment structures. Rectangular plates effectively disrupt the flow patterns that lead to vortex formation, ensuring optimal fluid movement and reducing the potential for equipment damage or accidents.


For applications where space is limited or specific flow patterns need to be controlled, our Conical Anti-vortex Plates offer an ideal solution. These plates feature a conical shape that directs the fluid flow in a controlled manner, minimizing turbulence and the formation of vortices. These plates are particularly beneficial in areas with restricted access or systems where precise flow control is crucial, such as water treatment facilities or industrial processes.


Our Adjustable Anti-vortex Plates are a perfect choice when you require flexibility in managing fluid flow patterns. These plates feature adjustable openings or blades that can be modified to suit specific flow requirements. Adjusting the Anti-vortex plates allows fine-tuning the fluid movement, ensuring optimal performance in varying operational conditions. These steel fabricated plates provide versatility and adaptability to fluid systems that experience changing flow rates or unique flow characteristics.


The Floating Anti-vortex Plates offer an effective solution in applications where surface agitation needs to be minimized. These plates are designed to float on the surface of the liquid, creating a barrier that prevents vortex formation and surface disturbances. If we talk about the usage, these plates are commonly used in pools, ponds, or wastewater treatment systems, where maintaining calm water surface is essential for efficient filtration, aeration, or other processes.

The function of Anti-Vortex Plates:

These plates are installed to avoid vortices generated when the huge pumps go through suction from tanks, and as a result, it helps the smooth flow of the fluid. To understand the importance of it, here are some specifications that you must consider:


Al-Safrik Steel’s anti-vortex plates have the prominent features as followings:

  1. They are produced with PVC and stainless steel, which make them long-lasting.
  2. We use top-notch quality stainless steel of Grade 304 and 316L in manufacturing the products.
  3. Our expert engineer maintains the NFPA standards while designing the plates.
  4. The suction size is an important factor of its production so me keeping it in mind.
  5. Our steel fabrication company also offers customized Anti-vortex plates as per the client’s demand.

NFPA standard prefers that the assembly have a parallel steel plate and double the diameter of the passage or vent on a comprehensive radius elbow fitting. The distance between the bottoms of the tank must be equal to one-half the diameter of the discharge pipe.

Why prefer Al Safrik Steel?

Al Safrik Steel provides a comprehensive range of Anti-vortex Plates to optimize fluid flow and enhance safety in various industrial applications. Whether you require circular, rectangular, conical, adjustable, or floating, we have the perfect solution for your needs. You can take our services for the following reasons:

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Fine quality and crafting:

Our plates are crafted precisely and engineered to withstand demanding conditions, ensuring durability, performance, and improved operational efficiency. We never compromise on quality and maintain it. Trust Al Safrik Steel for high-quality Anti-vortex plates that optimize safety, efficiency, and performance

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Cost-effective rates:

The price of Anti-vortex Plates is economical, and you can order them in personalized sizes and volumes. You can check the prices online or direct queries to the customer care agent. He will handle all the concerns regarding the product and its details.

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On-demand delivery:

Al Safrik Steel proudly offers customized steel fabrication services in Saudi Arabia. The companies can take the customization option and order in whatever quantity. Our qualified engineers will design a similar image of your prescribed size and shape and deliver the product to different cities in Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your fluid system challenges

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Order from anywhere:

You can order steel fabricated products from all over Saudi Arabia, including: i. Makah
ii. Riyadh
iii. Jeddah
iv. Al Khobar
v. Dammam
vi. Tabuk and many others

Moreover, experience world-class services with Al Safrik Steel’s Anti-vortex Plates and achieve smooth, controlled fluid movement in your systems. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to discuss your unique requirements.

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