Steel barriers have been increasingly becoming popular in Saudi Arabia. Their popularity is mainly because of their strength. They act as a defensive layer between what’s behind them and what’s in front. They are easy to install and offer a quick solution to blocking off access. They are commonly used for forming a security perimeter, securing a job site, etc.

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What are the different types of Barriers?

Depending on their use, there are multiple types of man baskets. All of them are listed down below:

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Barrier B420

It is great for securing high-priority areas. It has a strong, durable build which allows it to take damage. It is very heavy-duty and thus has a lot of weight. Using these for simpler needs may be overkill. That is because it is designed for high-priority area security. Apart from its heavy build, it can also be fitted with anti-pedestrian skirts. This allows us to completely cut off all kinds of unauthorized access.

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Barrier B411

It is mainly used to control access to certain areas. It has many applications as it can be used for both military and civilian applications. It can be operated easily as it comes with an electro-hydro setup. It can even be operated with a remote control which can make the usage even easier. Depending on the need and usage, it can easily be configured with an RFID card. This can be helpful where manning the post 24/7 is difficult.

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Crowd control blockades

These are a common sight in situations that include large quantities of people. For example: concerts, protests, etc. They are sturdy and have enough strength to handle a lot of people. They are mainly used to mark a line and indicate where people should move towards. They are also used to form a secure perimeter to stop people from crossing into unauthorized areas. For example: it is used in stopping people from climbing over to the stage area in a concert.

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Segregation blockades

As the word segregation suggests, these barriers are used to separate two areas from each other. Mainly they are used across sidewalks in high traffic areas. This is done so that people don’t accidentally come on the road in front of traffic. Apart from that, they can also be used on job sites. Especially where separating one area from another is important. As they are well-built and sturdy, they can safely be used at such job sites.

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Traffic blockades

They are commonly used all around the world. They have a very simple purpose to serve. They divide the two-way traffic from each other. They can be seen on roads in Saudi Arabia as well. They are a great way of minimizing road accidents. They are very heavy in construction and can take damage from a moving car. They can also stop cars from crossing the road to the other side even at high speeds. Thus, they play a crucial role in making the roads much safer.

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Crash barriers

They are mainly used on roads that witness high-speed traffic. They are heavy-duty and can easily sustain a hit from a fast-moving car. Their main purpose is to stop the vehicles from crossing to the other side. They can also be seen in areas that have dangerous roads such as mountains. They help keep the traffic in a civilized manner by keeping the traffic in line. Crash blockades have played an important part in keeping vehicles from colliding with the other side of traffic. They are usually made from concrete and are heavy-duty.

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Guardrails are another way of keeping people safe and organized. They serve a similar purpose as that of B420 blockades. However, they can be used in front of buildings to provide a level of security and protection. In addition to keeping people safe, they can also be used to secure buildings. They are better for keeping the buildings safe as they are very sturdy. Their heavy construction allows them to sustain hit from a vehicle. This can help keep businesses safe, especially in neighborhoods that witness surges in crime.

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Construction barriers

They are mainly used on construction sites. Their main purpose is to ensure the safety of the workers and the equipment on the job site. These blockades are easy to use and can easily be placed in front of sensitive machinery, holes, etc. This can help indicate that the area is unsafe to go to. Moreover, they can also be used for creating partitions in the area causing segregation.

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Pedestrian support barriers

These types of blockades are specifically designed to keep pedestrians safe. They help in separating the traffic from pedestrian walk paths. However, they serve an additional purpose. In addition to keeping pedestrians safe, they also act as a support bar. This is great for people who have trouble walking over long distances. They can safely walk while having a support bar. In Saudi Arabia, they can be used in busy areas such as roads near malls. They can also stop pedestrians from walking over the parts of the road with a zebra crossing. Thus, keeping both the traffic as well as the pedestrians safe.

What are the benefits of barriers? Why should you buy them?

Blockages are a very versatile tool, and they can be used in a lot of scenarios. Their benefits are listed as follows:

  1. Act as a protective barrier between two environments.
  2. Help to organize people in large, crowded areas.
  3. They help to keep buildings safe.
  4. Serve as a protective layer between pedestrians and traffic.
  5. They help in separating two-way traffic.

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