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Steel puddle flanges are used to create watertight connections in concrete structures. They are used to prevent water seepage. This helps to ensure the structural integrity of the structures over time. They usually penetrate concrete walls, floors, etc. in areas where pipes penetrate. These flanges are made from high-quality steel. This is to prevent corrosion and maintain steel integrity. Al Safrik Steel manufactures puddle flanges in Saudi Arabia from 100% steel. You can find many different types of flanges on our website.

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What are the different types of puddle flanges?

There are many different types of steel flanges available in the market. They are used to ensure that all the possible applications are covered. Categories of steel flanges are listed as follows:

Welded flanges

Such flanges weld directly to the pipe or duct. This helps in creating a seamless connection. Welded flanges ensure great durability and stability. Moreover, they also allow to creation a permanent connection. This is great for long-term usage. However, permanent connections can pose problems as well. They can be difficult to remove down the line. You may need to remove due for some reason. With welded flanges, this will be very difficult.

Bolted flanges

Contrary to welded flanges, bolted flanges are detachable. Bolts are used to attach the flanges securely. They are usually very secure and are good for most applications. Although the connection is secure, it is still flexible. This way you can easily adjust or remove them down the line. These flanges are great for instances that require assembly as well as disassembly.

Threaded puddle flanges

These flanges have threads. This allows them to easily be screwed onto pipes or conduits. Flanges usually have threads on the inner surface. These threads match the external threads of pipes. This is to ensure that a sealed connection is established. It also helps in creating a tight and secure fit between the pipe and flange.

Collar flanges

Collar flanges have a cylindrical design. They can either be welded or bolted to the surface. This can give both options to the users. If a person needs a more permanent connection, they can get welded collar flanges. Otherwise, a less permanent connection can be established by using bolted flanges. Collar flanges provide flexibility to the users based on their needs.

Flanged puddle flanges

Flanged puddle flanges have a flat disc-like surface. They have evenly spaced holes inside them. This allows them to easily be attached to the structure. They can also be attached to other flanges. To securely connect the flanges to the structure they are bolted down. This helps in ensuring that the flanges don’t move around after connection. These flanges are very reliable and have a strong bond with the structure.

Slip-on flanges

As the name suggests, slip-on flanges slide onto the pipe or duct. They are then attached with the help of either bolts or welding. They offer ease and reduce labor time. They offer flexibility to the user as they can either weld them or bolt them on. Depending on the type of connection the user requires, either of them can be selected. Both offer strong and durable connections and are highly reliable.

Rubber flanges

Rubber flanges are usually made from steel. However, they have a piece of rubber in between them. This is to create an effective watertight seal around the penetration point. It works effectively and is great for enhancing durability as well as promoting weather resistance. These flanges are more suitable for areas that receive a lot of water, e.g. rain. Over prolonged periods, flanges like bolt-on flanges, etc. may end up allowing water to seep. However, adding a rubber seal in between ensures that the water stays out.

EPDM puddle flanges

EPDM flanges utilize Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber. This has enhanced resistance to environmental conditions. It also is very effective in blocking water from entering the penetration point. These flanges are excellent for outdoor applications.

Ductile flanges

Ductile iron flanges are made from stainless steel. They are used in plumbing and provide robust solutions to plumbing problems. They allow easy installation and are easy to maintain as well. They come in a wide range of sizes starting from 5 feet up to 500 feet. They are chemical resistant which allows them to handle liquids, sewage, etc. They are also weather-resistant. This makes them great to be used in all types of environmental conditions.  To ensure a tight connection, they can either be welded or threaded.

Blind flanges

Blind flanges have a slightly different objective. They are used to seal the end of a pipe or vessel. This may seem odd, but they are used during pipe maintenance. This helps to ensure that no liquids come out of the pipe while the maintenance is going on. Since the pipe needs to be temporarily closed, they are bolted. This allows them to easily be removed once the maintenance is done.

What are the applications of puddle flanges?

These tools provide excellent usability and have multiple applications. This is what makes them a very useful tool, especially in the construction industry. Apart from construction, many other industries in Saudi Arabia make use of these flanges. The applications of the flanges are listed below as follows:

  1. They allow water, gases, etc. to pass through the structure of the buildings.
  2. They create a tight pressure seal with the joining point. This way the materials being passed through don’t leak.
  3. They enhance the durability and long life of the buildings.
  4. They can easily be installed on standard pipes.
  5. They are weatherproof, which allows them to work perfectly in all weather conditions.

What is the construction of puddle flanges?

The flanges come in various grades and sizes. However, all of them are made from the same material i.e., stainless steel. The flanges usually range in size from 25mm to 1200mm. You can get them in whatever size you need. Although they are all made from stainless steel, they can vary in steel grade. The different steel grades that can be used in these flanges are listed below:

  1. ASTM 304
  2. 304H and 304L
  3. 310 and 310s
  4. 309
  5. 316
  6. 316L
  7. 317L
  8. 317
  9. 321
  10. 312H
  11. 347H
  12. 347
  13. 446 and 904L

If you’re not sure about which grade to get, you can contact our online support. They can help you in identifying the right grade for you. Moreover, they can also help in finding the right flange for you based on your use case.

Role of Al Safrik Steel in the steel fabrication industry

Al Safrik Steel is the pioneer of the steel fabrication industry. Our products are spread across a large canvas. This allows us to build a wide range of steel products for different uses. We also manufacture high-quality steel puddle flanges. Our engineers have put in time and effort to ensure laser precision across the entire product line. You can find the entire product range on our website. Apart from steel flanges, products like bollards, steel pallets, etc., are also available on our website. So don’t waste any more time. Visit our website and place an order today.