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Bollards are strong vertical posts used for protecting buildings from damage. They are usually installed in vehicle parkings, in front of stores, etc. In earlier times wooden posts used to be installed to serve the same purpose. However, nowadays more modern options are available. Nowadays, steel bollards are used all over the world. In Saudi Arabia, you can find many buildings that use them for protection. They have many uses which are discussed below.

Where are bollards generally used?

Their main purpose is to protect buildings. Usually, in areas with high crime rates, buildings are attacked with vehicles. These attempts are made to break into buildings or simply destroy them. By installing steel posts in front, you can ensure the safety of the building. They are strong and heavy. This keeps the buildings safe and secure and takes all the damage to themselves.

Apart from that, they can also help protect sidewalks. By acting as a barrier between sidewalks and road, they can protect people from accidents. In addition to this, they can also act as a road guide for pedestrians.

What types of bollards are available?

They are versatile and come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Depending on your requirements, you can find the following types of posts:

Embedded posts

They are embedded deep into the ground. This allows them to obtain extra rigidity and strength. Since they are rooted deep, they cannot easily be moved. This is a good thing, as it allows them to take on a higher amount of damage. However, the rigidity of the post depends mostly on its foundation. If the foundation of the post is weak, the overall rigidity will be compromised. To ensure ultimate strength, avoid installing them in mud or loose soil. Moreover, drilling in the concrete after it has been laid can also weaken the foundation. Thus, steps should be taken to reinforce the foundation before installing posts. This is a permanent solution and cannot easily be removed.

Surface mounted posts

Such posts are not installed in the ground. However, they are installed on the surface of the ground. This means that they are not as rigid as the previous one. However, they serve a completely different purpose. Instead of protecting buildings or taking on damage, they are mainly used for demarcation. They can be seen on roads and are easy to move around. Their overall convenience makes them good to be used for demarcation. Moreover, they are installed temporarily which allows them to be easily moved around.

Rebounding bollards

They are a middle ground between embedded and surface mounted posts. When in contact, these posts rebound. When a car comes in contact with them, they rebound. While doing so, they don’t cause any damage to the car. However, deterrence is created. These posts are cost effective, while having the strength of embedded posts. They are mainly used for separating two-way traffic.

Retractable posts

They are a great tool as they can deny as well as allow access as required. They are very commonly used in places where you don’t want to block off access permanently. They can be seen in places such as food streets. Apart from that they can also be sighted in sensitive areas such as military bases. They are, however, permanent and cannot easily be removed. Since they are retractable, they can just be put down instead of removing them completely. These posts are very durable and heavy and perform their task well. Al Safrik Steels manufactures steel retractable bollards in Saudi Arabia. They are made from 100% steel which guarantees their durability. You can order yours on our website today.

Mooring posts

Based on what they are used for, they are also known as marine posts or marine bollards. They are used to anchor vessels along jetties. They have a thick diameter. This prevents the anchor rope from slipping. Moreover, it also allows more rope to be tied around properly. This way, severe marine disasters can be avoided. Usually, other types of posts serve similar purposes, however marine posts are a bit different. They are made specifically for anchoring purposes. There are many types of mooring posts available. They are listed below:

T posts

Shaped as a T, these posts can handle higher amounts of weight. Moreover, they can also take large amounts of rope. They can usually handle up to 300 tons of weight. This is one of the leading reasons why they are widely used around the world. The T shape also keeps the rope in place minimizing rope slippage.

Kidney shaped posts

As the name suggests, these posts are in the shape of a kidney. They are more suitable for places with low to medium tides. It is an economical way of securing lines. However, it is not suitable for securing lines at a higher angle due to its shape. It is also not recommended to secure multiple mooring lines to a single post.


They are mainly used for light commercial use. That is because they are suitable for smaller vessels with mooring capacity of 5 to 35 tons. Because of its lower mooring capacity, it should not be used on bigger vessels. It can be effectively used for tying up small vessels such as boats.

Double bit bollards

These posts are made specifically for tight spaces. They are great for smaller spaces. In addition to their space saving qualities, they have a higher density. This allows them to be used for ship mooring and shifting.

Single bit posts

These posts address many problems which can be seen in other posts. It has a design which allows it to accept steeper mooring line angles. It can also handle multiple mooring lines at a time. Since it focuses on maximizing utility, it can be bolted on to existing bolt patterns. This can prove to be highly beneficial for people.

Pillar bollards

Such posts are useful in areas that witness small tidal variations. They serve areas best where berth repositioning is required. They have a strong build quality, which allows them to survive harsh weather conditions.

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