Best Steel Products

Best Steel Products: A Buying Guide For You

Have you ever found yourself in the market for a steel product not sure which product to buy? Your confusion makes total sense as there are so many products to choose from. In addition, there are so many different types of steel all a bit different from each other. In this blog, we will cover all the information on steel which will guide you to make well-informed decisions. We will also cover a list of steel products you can buy from Al Safrik Steel. Read till the end to find the information you are looking for.

What is Steel?

Steel is a metal, an alloy of carbon and iron. It also contains trace amounts of other metals such as manganese, etc. It is much stronger than many other metals with much higher tensile strength and boiling points. Steel is used in all sorts of modern manufacturing. Products made from steel include washing machines, cars, refrigerators, etc. Steel is also widely used in the construction industry. Steel is not just a single product as it contains different properties based on its chemical composition.

How many different types of steel are there?

There are more than 3,500 different types of steel. Each is different in their composition. The major properties are the same, however, they can differ in tensile strength, boiling points, etc. All these types depend on how pure the steel is. Depending on the quantity of carbon, iron, and other metals, the purity of the steel can differ. The purer the steel the more strength it has. Properly identifying the right type of steel can help you in manufacturing perfect high-quality steel products. In general, steel can be classified into the following categories:

Carbon steel

Carbon steel does not contain other elements such as tungsten, cobalt, nickel, etc. It has less than 3% carbon which makes this steel strong. This type of steel is produced in high quantities as its rigidity and strong nature make it more useful. It is used in the construction of buildings, railroad tracks, bolts, etc. It can be further classified based on the concentration of carbon:

  • Low carbon

It has a carbon concentration lower than 0.3%. This is the least expensive kind as it is not as strong as the rest. This type of steel is used to make products such as wires, bolts, pipes, etc.

  • Medium carbon

This type of steel contains carbon concentration between 0.3% to 0.60%. It has higher strength which makes it better to withstand pressure. It is used in the manufacturing of railroads, etc.

  • High carbon

It contains more than 0.61% carbon and is the toughest type of steel. It is used to build extremely tough building materials and tools such as brick nails, etc.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel contains chromium along with other metals such as nickel, etc. This composition increases the metal’s life and prevents it from rusting. This type of steel is used mainly in steel products such as medical equipment, appliances, etc. However, they can also be used in many other industries such as construction.

Alloy steel

Alloy steel is a combination of iron and one other metal from the several available. Each metal brings certain qualities to the metal formed. This infusion of iron with other metals makes for a great chemical composition. The qualities it brings range from heat-resistiveness, corrosion-resistiveness, impact-resistiveness, etc. You can choose each metal depending on the qualities they provide. For example: if you require a heat-resistant metal you can go for aluminum alloy. Copper alloy makes the metal corrosion-resistant as well as improves heat conductivity. It can be used to make steel products such as wires, etc. thanks to great conductivity. Similarly, vanadium alloy makes the metal shock-absorbent. You can make high-quality high-impact steel from it.

Tool steel

Tool steel is used to manufacture durable tools such as blades, tool bits, etc. The addition of certain allows hardens the steel and makes it corrosion-resistant. Tool steel is a type of high-carbon steel, perfect for rough use.

What is Steel Grading System?

Steel grading systems are used to tell the qualities of steel such as strength, mechanical properties, etc. They are put in place to help metal fabricators choose the best type of steel. The international grading systems used in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)

This steel grading system makes use of an alphanumeric classification. This classification talks about the steel’s overall categorization and attributes. This standard (ASTM) helps ensure that the steel products you are getting are high quality and durable.

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

This steel grading system uses four-digit numerical classification. It covers the steel type, carbon content, and the presence of other alloying elements. This information is useful as it talks about the qualities the steel products will have.

Which Steel Products are used in industrial applications?

Al Safrik Steel is a well-known steel manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. We have a large catalog of steel products for industrial as well as domestic applications. The following metal products can be found for industrial applications each serving different purposes:

Pipe supports

Pipe supports are a crucial metal product as they help ease the weight of pipes. They carry the weight of the pipes and their contents. Unsupported pipes can suffer from leakages, vibrations, and breakage due to excessive stress and load. Pipe supports help minimize that. By using pipe supports, the stress is lifted off the pipes themselves. This contributes to a longer life as well as less leakages and vibrations. Pipe safety is a crucial thing and can help save from catastrophes. This great product serves a greater purpose than just supporting pipes.

Steel pallets

Steel pallets are used for carrying heavy loads safely. They are mainly used in construction and export industries along with several others. Steel pallets can easily be mounted on machines such as forklifts. These machines can then lift the pallets and transport them to the required place. Steel pallets are important as they help keep the cargo load safe. They also make the transportation process a lot easier and smoother.

Spreader beams

Spreader beams are commonly used in lifting heavy loads. They are usually mounted to a crane and make use of slings to suspend the load in the air. Strings help distribute the weight evenly which makes the lifting process much easier. While lifting heavy loads, a single point of attachment can face difficulties. Spreading the weight by using two points of attachments of spreader beams makes the job easy.

Storage cage

Storage cages are a versatile product that allows users to organize items. The enclosed steel storage cages provide safety to the contents of the cage. They can be used to store important materials such as tools, construction materials, etc. They are commonly used in large warehouses. Additionally, they are also used in areas that lack security. Storage cages are one of the best steel products you can buy.

Loading ramps

Loading ramps are commonly used in warehouses for loading and offloading products. They make the process easy by compensating for the difference between the truck and the ground. They are highly useful for heavy products as they minimize the effort. They are a great product to be used in warehouses.

 Casing spacers

Casing spacers are used to align the pipes, provide support, and avoid electrical contact with the pipe. They are crucial in making sure the pipes stay center-aligned. Among other benefits are easy repair and installation, low cost, etc. This is a great product for companies that work with pipes.

Material baskets

Material baskets are used to transport tools and other equipment up a height. This eliminates the need to carry the equipment up manually. This steel product is mainly used in construction industries that work on multiple stories of buildings. This product is great as it minimizes manual labor.

Welding pipe rotators

Pipe rotators are used in the welding process. They are a great steel product as they help in rotating round pipes automatically. This aids in executing a better welding job as the rotating task is automated. They help by first clamping the pipes and then they can be rotated and tilted as per requirement.


Steel bollards are used as a protective layer in front of businesses. Their purpose is to protect businesses from any sort of outside damage. Apart from that, they are also used as a guide across roads. This is a great way to protect pedestrians from traffic as well as guide them around the area. Steel bollards are very popular and a great way to make sure your business remains protected.

Waste skips

Waste skips are very popular in Saudi Arabia and are an excellent way to contain waste materials. They are used for many other purposes in addition to waste management such as material organization, etc. Waste skips come in different types, each catering to the different needs of the users. They are a great steel product for waste management and in general as well.


Steel barriers are used mainly in areas where a layer of security is required. These barriers deter any kind of unauthorized access to the area. The barriers are strong and can take damage without breaking. They can be installed on roads to cut temporary access, permanently deter access by placing heavy barriers, etc.

Forklift attachments

Forklift attachments are a dynamic tool that allows users to make the most of their forklift. The different attachments allow users to enhance their forklifts by extending the forks, adding hooks, etc. Forklift attachments are a durable steel product that allows you to maximize your existing machinery.

Crane loading platform

A Crane loading platform is a type of metal product that can make your job so much easier. Each loading platform comes with load capabilities. When employing one for your use, you should make sure that your loading platform supports the load of the crane.


Skids consist of a movable frame structure. They allow easy transportation of pre-assembled equipment instead of moving them one by one. This makes the transportation process much easier and smoother.

Why Al Safrik Steel is leading the Saudi Arabian steel market?

Al Safrik Steel has been manufacturing high-quality steel products for several years. Our vast product lineup has helped us to establish market dominance. Our focus and dedication have allowed us to maintain the quality of our products.

You can find your required steel products on our website. Apart from standard-sized products we also cater to custom requirements. You can get in contact with our representatives, and they will help you figure out the right product. You can also present your custom requirements and we will fabricate the right product for you. Here at Al Safrik Steel, we do not compromise quality and we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.