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What are Waste Skips?

Al-Safrik Steels is a pioneer industrial manufacturing company that provides various customizable products to its clients. We are manufacturing industrial products and their parts in Dubai, UAE. Al-Safrik Steels has clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across Gulf Region. Our Engineers are designing Waste Skips with the exact dimensions suiting our clients. Our skilled team uses the latest technology, from mini waste skips to giant skips. Waste skips of Al-Safrik Steels cover up all the needs by manufacturing them in the different size ranges. Whether your industry needs a suitable waste skip to manage extra clutter or carry out work at a construction site, we provide you with solutions for waste management. Our expert team provides you with the details about waste skips suit your waste requirements.

Why do you need a Waste Bin?

Whether you are a business or someone that deals with large quantities of waste, you need a waste bin. In order to safely contain the waste, there needs to be a proper way of storing it. This is to ensure that the waste does not overflow or cause any health issues to the surrounding people. Waste bins can also help in organizing things; however, they are mainly used for storing waste materials.

What are the applications of Waste Storage Bins?

There are many applications of waste storage bins that make them a very useful tool. Al Safrik Steel manufactured waste baskets are widely being used in Saudi Arabia and here are some of the main applications:

Contain operational waste

Operational waste mainly contains materials that are neither hazardous nor damaging. They are used to contain materials such as tires, scrap metal etc. This type of waste is mainly produced by small to medium businesses that deal in solid materials. Solid waste materials such as cardboards etc. are mainly the type of waste items that come in this type of waste category.

Contain commercial waste

This category contains garbage items that are mainly related to construction industries etc. The waste materials produced are also mainly solid in this category however they are not usually produced. ­ Items such as bricks, electrical wirings, etc., are mainly produced as waste materials in this category.

Contain industrial waste

Industrial waste is produced by a wide range of industries such as medical industry etc. Since, chemical companies deal in toxic materials they are not safe at all and need to be disposed-off properly. However, the first step in disposing the waste is to make sure that they are properly contained in a waste container. Apart from toxins, scrap materials, boxes etc. can also put in these bins.

Contain domestic waste

Domestic waste falls in the category of house hold waste. This deals in a wide variety of waste items that range from solid waste to organic waste such as fruit peals etc. This type of waste needs to be contained and disposed-off properly because it can lead to health problems.

What are the different types of Waste Bins you need to know?

In countries of the likes of Saudi Arabia, extreme weather conditions can affect the over-all health of waste baskets. However, steel waste baskets are sure to outlive waste baskets made from other materials. There are different types of litter bins and all of them are made for different purposes. They are listed as follows:

Open waste bins

This type of waste bins is used for general purpose waste disposal. It is open and is easy to use. It is also the most common type of waste bins and is used in most areas. Apart from general waste disposal, they are also used in construction sites etc.

Closed litter bins

Closed skips are used for the same purpose however, they are closed from the above. This is an excellent feature as it does not let the waste overflow from the skip. Closed waste disposal bins are mainly used in mobile waste skip units such as lorries. This helps in containing the waste while being on the road, however it reduces the accessibility of the bins.

Mini skips

Mini skips are smaller in size. Their smaller build allows them to be excellent for smaller scale use such as household use. Their smaller size makes them a very versatile tool and allows them to be used almost anywhere. They are more common in houses or small businesses where the waste produced is not in large quantities.

Builder waste baskets

Although, open waste baskets can be used for construction waste, builder skips are specifically used for that purpose. They are a bit larger in size and are rated to hold more weight than other skips. This is great for construction companies that operate in cities like Jeddah, Riyadh etc.

Hazardous skips

The main purpose of these skips is to handle any hazardous materials that lie in the waste. They are usually made of materials that do not corrode when in contact with such hazardous materials. Companies of the likes of chemical companies in Saudi Arabia use such waste skips to store the hazardous materials.

Lockable litter baskets

Lockable waste litter baskets provide extra security than closed ones as they go one step further. Instead of just closing the lid of the litter baskets, they allow the user to lock them. This means, they can ward off any unwanted access. Such waste skips are an excellent choice to be used as storage containers as the items inside remain safe.

Roll-on-Roll-off waste skips

Roll-on-Roll-off (RORO) skips come equipped with wheels that enable them to be transported easily. They can also be rolled on and off transport vehicles much easily than other waste skips. Due to their ease of use, they are also used in big construction projects.

Compacter waste skips

This type of waste skip comes with built-in compacters. They are used to compress the waste already present in the waste skips. These are used mainly to maximize the space of the skips due to space constraints of the waste containers. They can be a good option as they save space and make room for more waste material.

Maxi skips

Maxi skips are used for clearing out the materials that are left behind during revamp processes. Although, they are good for carrying waste materials, they cannot hold heavy materials such as bricks etc. However, they can be used for carrying out house, remodeling etc.

What are the dimensions of different waste bins?

Although different skips perform different purposes, some of them share dimensions with other skips. The dimensions of the different skips are enlisted below:

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Mini Skips

o Length: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
o Width: 1.2 meters (4 feet)
o Height: 0.9 meters (3 feet)
o Capacity: Approximately 2-3 cubic meters

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Builder's Skip (Standard)

o Length: 3.7 meters (12 feet)
o Width: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
o Height: 1.2 meters (4 feet)
o Capacity: Approximately 6-8 cubic meters

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Maxi Skips

o Length: 4.1 meters (13.5 feet)
o Width: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
o Height: 1.5 meters (5 feet)
o Capacity: Approximately 10-12 cubic meters

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Roll-on Roll-off Skips

o Length: 6-8 meters (20-26 feet)
o Width: 2.4-2.5 meters (8-8.2 feet)
o Height: 1.2-1.8 meters (4-6 feet)
o Capacity: Varied, typically larger than 15 cubic meters

How to find the right waste skip for yourself?

In order to find the right waste skip, first identify the purpose it is supposed to serve. This will narrow down the correct type of waste skip for you. Al Safrik Steel now brings you a wide range of steel products here in Saudi Arabia. Order from the wide range of waste skips or find the product you need on our website today and place an order