What are Fences?

Fences are an effective tool to secure a perimeter around a building. They have been used for many years. This proves their effectiveness. Over the years, there have been some changes to their design. However, they still work as effectively as before. They can be used to mark your territory, secure them from wild animals, etc. They are lightweight and easy to carry. The best thing about them is the fact that they can be installed and uninstalled with ease.

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Why would you need a Fence?

 There are many purposes for which fencings can be installed. They can add security, beauty, etc. to your property. They are also commonly used for constructing coops for birds. Apart from that, they can be commonly sighted on public as well as private properties. Each person has their reason however, the applications are wide. There are many different types of fences, and all of them serve their purposes.

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What are the different types of Fencings available?

You can find different types of fencings in the market. There are 10 major types that you need to be aware of. They cover the whole spectrum of possible uses. The types of fences you would typically come across are as follows:

Crowd control fences

Crowd control fencings have been widely used in large crowd gatherings. They are mainly used for events such as concerts, riots, or other mass gatherings. They are effective in such events for the following reasons:

  1. They help demarcate the area in which the event is happening.
  2. They help organize people.
  3. They ensure that people don’t wander into unauthorized areas.

These fences are easy to carry and install. They offer a quick solution and are sturdy in construction. They can easily take the weight of a lot of people at a time without breaking.

Hoarding fences

Such fences are usually installed on construction sites. They are widely used in Saudi Arabia. They are temporary; and used until the work is complete on a construction site. They ensure the safety of the work site and ward off any unwanted access to the site. Such fences can also be used to create multiple zones in a single, large job site. Moreover, they can be used to secure materials by performing a perimeter around them. Due to their portability and usability, they are a great tool.

Road fencing barriers

This type of fence is widely used around the world. They are an essential tool for road safety. They are installed on either side of roads, especially on high-speed roads. You can find these fences on motorways, highways, etc. They are important because they keep cars from going off-road in an accident. Apart from high-speed roads, they are also used in hilly areas. Such roads are usually steep and have a cliff around them. Having such fences on hilly roads is a must.

Emergency chain link fences

These fences make use of two strong posts. They are driven inside the ground. A wire is wound tightly around the poles in a crisscross manner. This ensures the rigidity of the fences. These fences are usually used for securing a perimeter. Since the wires are wound in a crisscross manner, they don’t block visibility.  If privacy is not your biggest concern, they are the best option. They can also be thought of as a temporary solution. However, you can use them permanently as well. They can be seen in multiple areas in Saudi Arabia, where mild protection is required.

Silt fencings

Silt fences are a common phenomenon in construction sites. They are more common in construction sites that are near water bodies. They can include large water reservoirs, rivers, etc. Silt fences stop the soil from spilling over and getting mixed in water. Not only that but they are also used as waste management tools. However, they are not as sturdy and should not be used as a main support fence. They can collapse which can lead to safety issues on the job site.

Mesh partitioning fences

This type of fence is used for organizing things. They have a similar build to chain link fences; however, they are not used for security. They are mainly used in warehouses, etc. The fence design allows things to be hung by them. This is great for storing and organizing tools or other equipment easily. They can also be locked, allowing users to secure their items inside. This is a great way of both organizing and securing things at the same time.

Hesco bastion fencings

To fortify and secure high-value installations, hesco bastion fences are not commonly seen publicly. They are mainly used in military installations and high-value buildings. They are usually filled with soil and gravel and come with a welded wire mesh lined with non-woven linen. They are very heavy and protect against bullets, etc. They are very effective in protecting buildings. The best thing about these fences is that they can be stacked as well as put side to side. Apart from security, they can also be used for flood control, etc. The gravel allows it to break the water flow which makes it very helpful.

Manhole barrier fences

Such barriers are used for forming a secure perimeter around manhole openings, trenches, etc. They are used to indicate an opening as well as protect people from falling in. They serve a very important role and are very commonly used around the world.

Decorative fencings

Apart from security, fences are also used to enhance the aesthetics of a place. Many people use such fences in their yards to enhance their beauty. Such fences come in several different shapes and designs. They are not suitable for security, but only for decoration. Such fences can be seen in outdoor wedding venues, homes, etc. They are mainly used around the boundary line of an existing wall. However, they can also be easily installed on the ground.

Wire fences

Made of mesh wire, they are commonly used for building animal enclosures. Have you ever seen chicken coops? They are a perfect example of wire fences. They are very easy to build and can be easily installed. The mesh wire allows for easy modification. They are usually in a crisscross pattern which allows for animals to see outside.

What kinds of fencings can be found at Al Safrik Steel?

Al Safrik Steel is a steel company that specializes in a lot of products as well as custom metal fabrication. Our products are made from pure steel. This allows them to be highly durable and long-lasting. All our products are made with international practices. Thus, making our products highly reliable. Apart from the standard configuration, you can also get custom products.

We have a wide range of steel products including fencing. Our engineers have engineered all our products for a wider clientele. Using the best practices, the latest technology, and laser precision, we can ensure a better product. This allows us to ensure customer satisfaction. This is also one of the reasons why we have established a top position in the steel fabrication industry. So, place your order today or get in touch with our online help to get started.

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