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Pipe Spools

A pipe spool is a prefabricated assembly of pipe. The pipes are connected through flanges and fittings. This allows for easy assembly of the pipes as the flanges allow flexibility during the fitting process. Moreover, different lengths of pipes can be used which fulfills custom piping needs. To ease the assembly process, the pipes are connected off-site. This helps avoid any problems as the construction site may not be suitable for pipe assembly.

What are the main components used in pipe spooling?

The three main components used are as follows:


Pipes make up the majority of the spools and are the longest component used. The size of pipes can vary as per the requirements of the users.


Flanges are used to connect two pipes. They are usually bolted together to create a tight connection between them.


The fittings are used to dissipate flow to other lines of the piping system.

What are the types of pipe spools?

They are available in many different types. In Saudi Arabia, you can find them in the following different types:

Welded pipe spools

In these spools, individual segments of the pipes are welded together. This helps in creating a single, integrated unit. This is beneficial where a continuous pipe flow is required. It also helps to ensure a leak-proof piping system.

Threaded spools

Threaded spools come with threaded ends. Contrary to welded spools, they can easily be connected as disconnected. This helps to make maintenance easy. They are used in areas where pipe assembly and disassembly are required.

Flanged spools

Flanged spools come with flanges at their ends. This helps in connecting them to other pipes with the help of bolts. They also support easy disassembly. They are usually used in areas where frequent inspections are required.

Reducing pipe spools

These spools have different diameters at the end. This allows for easy transitioning between different pipe sizes. This can also be beneficial to accommodate the changes in flow rate in the piping system.

Insulated spools

Insulated spools have an added layer of insulation. This helps to keep the heat inside the pipe. It also helps to keep external heat outside. This is highly crucial for pipes where maintaining fluid temperature is crucial.

Jacketed spools

Similar to insulated spools, they also have an outer casing. However, instead of insulation it is used to circulate a heating or cooling medium around the pipe. This helps in controlling the temperature inside the pipes. This can be very crucial in pipes that carry fluids such as chemicals, etc.

Custom pipe spools

These spools can be fabricated to your exact needs. By using the required type and material of pipes, and fittings, a custom fit can be achieved. This helps in ensuring that the spools are perfect for your use. Al Safrik Steel fabricates custom spools in Saudi Arabia. You can get your spools by contacting our online support today.

What are the benefits of pipe spools?

There are many benefits to getting prefabricated spools for your business. They are listed below as follows:

Cost cutting

Prefabricated spools help lower the cost of the piping system. Since they are fabricated off-site, the overall cost of labor is reduced. This helps in creating an efficient and cost-effective way of fabricating the pipes. Moreover, the long-term maintenance cost of the piping system can also be reduced. Due to their reliability, the pipes require minimal up-keeping. This essentially helps create a more sufficient and cost-effective piping system.

Higher quality product

The spools are fabricated with high precision. Since standard fittings are used across the pipes, this helps in ensuring consistency and precision. Moreover, the fittings and flanges are made from steel. This helps in ensuring that they are highly durable. This also allows them to endure strict weather conditions.

Corrosion resistance

Al Safrik Steel manufactures pipe spools from 100% steel. Moreover, our steel products come covered with galvanized coatings. This helps them to withstand extreme temperatures. It also helps them to stay corrosion-resistant even in humid conditions. This helps to elongate the life of the spools and help them function better.


Spools can easily be customized according to your needs. The pipes can also be used as per requirements. This helps in cost efficiency, labor, etc.

Where are Pipe Spools used?

Oil and gas industry

Oil industries use them to transport oil and various refined products. They are widely used in oil refineries and help create an effective pipeline system. In addition to that materials such as natural gas are also transported through these pipes.

Chemical industry

Various chemicals are transported through these spools. As the chemicals are coarse and dangerous, a corrosion-resistant pipe system is necessary. Pipe spools help achieve that successfully.

Petrochemical industry

These pipes are used to carry various petrochemical products during the refining process. Having an effective piping system is necessary to ensure quality.

Water industry

Water and wastewater industries also use spools extensively. It helps to effectively distribute water. They are also used in water treatment plants.


The pipes used in HVAC systems need pipe insulation. This helps in ensuring an effective heating and cooling system. By using spools, this can be achieved with ease.

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