Tips to make sure you’re buying the best waste skips

Tips for Buying the best Waste Skips

Waste skips are commonly used in domestic and industrial uses. A lot of people regularly come in contact with waste bins. Whether it be for disposing of house waste or at a construction site. You may find yourself in the market for waste bins. However, making the right decision may be challenging. This blog talks about everything you need to know to make sure you’re buying the best waste skips.

What are Waste Skips and what are they used for?

Waste skips also commonly known as waste bins are used for storing waste materials. They are widely used in industries that produce a lot of waste. This includes industries such as construction, garbage disposal, etc. to name a few. Waste skips are very efficient as they hold a lot of waste and make waste disposal easy. They are not limited to construction waste as they are also widely used for domestic waste storage. Many other applications include temporarily storing items.

Waste skips are excellent for storing items as they provide easy access and can hold a lot of items. In Saudi Arabia, they are also used in industries such as home renovation. That is mainly because they can hold a lot of items before they can be used. Waste bins are a great way of decluttering your environment and storing items you don’t need immediately. In addition, waste skips can be mounted on lorries which makes their transportation much easier. There are many different types of waste skips you can use. They are discussed down below.

What are the different types of Waste Skips in Saudi Arabia?

There are many different types of waste skips in the market. Al Safrik Steel has a wide range of Waste Skips to choose from. Depending on the usage, you can find the following types of waste skips:

Open skips

Open waste bins do not have a lid or cover on top. They are open and allow for easy access to the waste. This is great for jobs that require repeated access to the contents of the bin. Such types of waste bins are more commonly found on construction sites. That is mainly because they produce a lot of waste and have a lot of items to store. Apart from that they can also be found in domestic waste disposal sites. However, they are not secure. If you want to store important items, you should avoid using open skips.

Closed skips

Solving the problem of security, closed skips come with a closed top. They are a better alternative to open skips as they deny any unauthorized access. They are more suitable for commercial use. However, they cause inconvenience due to their restrictive access. They are not as convenient as open skips. They are however more suited for commercial use.

Roll On Roll Off (RORO) skips

RORO skips are the same as open skips with one major difference. They have a role in design. This essentially means that they can be rolled onto the wagon instead of being lifted. This adds convenience to the whole process as you can save a lot of time. Moreover, you do not need to lift the whole bin you can just roll it on with the click of a button.

Mini skips

Mini skips are a bit smaller in size and are made to accommodate waste that does not cover a lot of area. This usually includes waste items such as garden waste, home redecoration waste, etc. In other words, this is more suited for storing domestic waste. That is because it does not cover a lot of area and can easily be placed on house property.

Builder skips

Builder skips as the name suggests are made for storing construction-related waste. This can include but is not limited to construction site waste, renovation waste, etc. These waste bins are a bit larger and can span up to 8 yards. They are made to accommodate as much waste as possible, increasing efficiency. Although they are made for the construction industry, they can be used in domestic applications as well. However, you may face issues such as adequate areas for placing them due to their size.

Maxi skips

Maxi skips are similar to builder skips in a way as they are also large. However, they cannot contain heavy materials. They are made to contain light items. This type of waste bin is used in large house renovation projects. This is suitable for the job as it accommodates a large quantity of waste material.

Lockable waste bins

Lockable waste bins are made to enhance the security of the contents inside them. They come with a covered design that can be locked. This is great for places that do not want people to access their waste material. Locking the skip ensures the security of the waste materials. These skips are more secure than closed skips which only offer a top lid.

What are the general size specifications of waste bins?

Although they come in different sizes, they have three standard size variations:

  • Small-sized dumpers

Small-sized waste dumpers have an area of about 2 – 4 cubic yards and a capacity of 40 black bags. They are mainly used in domestic waste management. You can have one or several such dumpers per neighborhood depending on the quantity of waste produced. Such waste bins are excellent for domestic use as they do not cover a lot of areas. They can safely contain materials such as food, plastics, glass, etc.

  • Medium-sized dumpers

Medium-sized waste dumpers span about 6 – 8 cubic yards in area. They have more waste capacity than small-sized waste dumpers. In Saudi Arabia, such waste dumpers are mainly used in construction sites. They can safely contain heavy materials such as wood, bricks, etc.

  • Large-sized dumpers

Large-sized waste dupers are the largest and have an area of about 12 – 16 cubic yards. They are heavy-duty and can contain large, heavy materials. They also have the most capacity. Such dumpers are mostly used in industries that produce a lot of waste. They are also used in large construction sites which produce more waste than usual.

Apart from these general sizes, Al Safrik Steel also manufactures custom-sized products. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. That is the reason why we cater to all customer needs. You can get in touch with our representatives to discuss your exact needs.

What kind of waste material can be stored in Waste Skips?

Waste skips can contain a variety of waste materials. However, you should make sure you are storing the recommended waste materials only. For example: storing heavy materials in a maxi skip may damage the skip. In general, the following types of waste items can be stored in a waste skip:

  • Domestic waste – daily waste items produced in a household .
  • Industrial waste – waste items produced by industries such as leftover wood, metal, cloth, etc. to name a few.
  • Kitchen waste – perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, etc. Such waste is completely safe to store in a waste bin.
  • Plastic waste – plastic waste materials can be safely stored in a waste bin without any problems. It can include items such as toys, plastic bags, etc.
  • Garden waste – this waste contains items that are related to gardens. They can include soil, grass, pebbles, dried-up flowers, etc. You should however be careful with fertilizers as they have a chemical composition and can damage the bin.
  • Medical waste – medical waste includes items such as used syringes, medicine containers, etc. to name a few. These items should be dealt with extreme care. They can potentially cause damage to the skip as well as to the operator. As these items can be considered they should be dealt with extra care.

What materials are prohibited from being stored in Waste Bins?

Just like there are items that can be stored in a waste bin, there are items that can be stored. This can be due to many reasons, with one reason being that the waste is dangerous. Below listed are items that cannot be stored in a waste bin:

  • Electronic waste – electronic waste can be categorized as items that have electrical components. For example: electrical circuits, bulbs, etc. They can also be safely stored in waste bins.
  • Chemical waste – chemical waste materials can also not be stored in waste bins. They can range from simple chemical solutions to dangerous chemicals. You should refrain from storing any kind of chemical materials.
  • Oily items – oily items are also prohibited. They stick to the walls of the waste bins and pollute them. Moreover, they contaminate the surrounding materials and make them sticky as well.
  • Batteries – batteries are also not allowed inside waste bins. They are dangerous and can cause explosion causing damage to the skip as well as the operator.

To ensure the long life of our products, we recommend following the company’s instructions on how to use the products. Moreover, regular maintenance of products can help in elongating product life.

What are some of the applications of a Waste Skip?

Waste bins have a lot of applications. In Saudi Arabia, they are widely used and are a crucial part of waste management companies. Their uses are as follows:

  • Storing waste materials
  • Temporarily storing materials
  • Usage for construction companies
  • Cleaning out homes, etc.

How can Al Safrik Steel help you in finding the right Waste Skip?

Al Safrik Steel is a steel company with a large array of products to choose from. Our carefully sought-out catalog of products is designed to fulfill everyone’s needs. We use 100% pure steel to ensure the great durability of our products. Our engineers use high international standards to curate each product. That paired with laser precision allows us to produce predictable results.

Years of excellence in the industry have allowed us to establish a name in the market. Our catalog ranges from industrial-use products to domestic-use ones such as waste skips, etc. If you are struggling to find a product that fits your needs, get in touch with us today. Our representatives will help you find the product you are looking for. We also take care of custom product needs. Rest assured, all our products are made with the same quality and precision. With Al Safrik Steel, quality is never compromised, and customer satisfaction is what we strive for.