Growing demand of steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia

Growing Demand of Steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a powerhouse in the global steel fabrication industry. The country is witnessing a shift in the steel industry. Steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia is becoming more and more common these days due to its requirements. Companies such as Al Safrik Steel are working tirelessly to provide high-quality steel products. This blog will help you understand why Saudi Arabia is witnessing growing demand for steel fabrication. Read till the end to find out why choosing Saudi Arabian companies for your steel needs might be the right move for you.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Before diving deep, we first need to understand what steel fabrication is. It is the process of taking raw steel through various stages to get desired finished products. It typically consists of many processes that help efficiently get the desired product. Steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia is a relatively new trend. Industry leaders such as Al Safrik Steel follow a set of fixed strict procedures to ensure quality and workplace safety.

What processes does Metal Fabrication include?

Each steel forming job consists of a fixed set of processes to ensure quality. This is vital to make sure that the product manufactured is as per the requirements of the customer. Typical steel-forming processes in Saudi Arabia contain:

Designing and planning of the product

Designing and planning is an important part of steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia. In this process, the complete designing and planning are executed. This process is important as it helps in determining what the finished product will look like. Moreover, the several processes that the product will go through are also determined in this phase. Any problem in executing the design and planning phase can lead to problems in the finished product. It is very important to identify the needs, scope, material, and design of the product at the start. This way you can ensure a smooth running of your process.

Material selection

This step of the process is responsible for selecting the correct material for the fabrication job. Materials for each job can vary depending on their requirements. For example, a heavy-duty product will require a metal of more thickness as compared to a small metal piece. Different fabrication materials have different uses. That mainly depends on their strength and thickness. Thus, correctly identifying the material is an important part of metal fabrication in Saudi Arabia.

Cutting the material to size and shape

To ensure that the product fits perfectly, high-precision cutters are used. A benefit of getting steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia is the availability of high-grade equipment. Metal fabrication companies in Saudi Arabia have access to the best technology. The more precise the equipment, the smoother the process of fabrication will be. It will also make for a better process overall. Generally, the cutting process can utilize any of the following methods:

  • Sawing – makes use of a saw cutter for metal fabrication
  • Shearing – makes use of hydraulic or mechanical shears for metal fabrication
  • Plasma cutting – Uses ionized gas to melt and cult through melt
  • Laser cutting – makes use of a laser for steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia

All these methods offer high precision. Choosing the right method, however, depends on the type of metal fabrication job.

Forming and shaping the metal

The cutting process is followed by the forming and shaping process. This includes taking freshly cut metal and getting them into the desired shape. There can be many ways this can be achieved and they are listed as follows:

  • Bending – makes use of rollers to bend steel into shape
  • Rolling – passes steel through rollers to create cylindrical shapes

However, the result is always the same. Correctly choosing the right forming process is however very important.

Welding the metal together

After all the pieces of metal have been put into shape they are welded together. Welding connects the pieces without compromising the overall strength of the piece. However, it is important to consider structural strength before welding the piece together. Welding can be done using methods such as:

  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Spot welding

Surface treatment of the metal

Metal can get corroded over time if exposed to environmental factors such as water etc. for a long time. Thus, it is important to treat their surface. This increases the metal’s life and ensures they don’t lose their strength. As corrosion eats through metal, it highly compromises its strength. Such metal is not safe to be used, especially in industries. Saudi Arabia witnesses extreme temperatures around the year. Such high temperatures can also cause the steel to get damaged.

Thus, using surface treatment in steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia is very important. Keeping this in mind Al Safrik Steel uses galvanized coatings to repel any sort of rust.

Quality assurance of the final product

To ensure that the product meets all the requirements and quality standards an inspection is conducted. This mainly goes over the finishing of the product, quality standards, etc. This is to ensure that the customer gets what they have paid for. In case a faulty product is found in this process, it is discarded. Quality assurance is not passed unless all the standards have been met. This is a very strict and necessary process. Al Safrik Steel follows a very strict set of procedures to ensure all the quality standards have been met.

Why is there a sudden surge in demand of Steel Fabrication in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is going through a developmental phase. This has forced the Kingdom to adopt urbanization. More and more cities are witnessing the construction of large structures. The main reason for such a change is to accommodate the increasing population. With increased and steady urbanization, the Kingdom’s steel requirements have also gone up.

Steel fabrication companies in Saudi Arabia are seeing this as an opportunity to fulfill the increasing demands. There is, however, a void that needs to be filled due to the large demand. The following are the main factors contributing to steel fabrication demands in Saudi Arabia:

A steep increase in infrastructure development

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a steep increase in infrastructure development. Apart from accommodation, the need for public use infrastructure is also increasing. Moreover, the job market has also significantly improved. In such circumstances, the need for infrastructure development has significantly increased.

To meet those requirements, many companies have stepped in. Cities such as Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam have created huge steel requirements due to their development projects. Al Safrik Steel has also stepped into the market to provide high-quality products to the Saudi Arabian market.

Industrial expansion

As mentioned above, the Kingdom has witnessed an increase in population. In addition to the infrastructure, the need for daily necessities has also increased. To meet the increasing requirements of the residents, industries require more steel than ever. This steel is used in many industries such as manufacturing etc. This has also caused the demand for steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia.

Increasing trade with the world

Saudi Arabia has been the oil supplier for the world for many decades. Recently, they have also started providing other services such as logistical facilities, IT, etc. to name a few. The majority of these industries rely heavily on steel. That is mainly because steel is a great material to be used in manufacturing. Steel has a high tensile strength and melting point. This allows you to produce high-quality products with great durability. Our 100% steel products are among the best available in the industry. Great for industry-grade applications, you can fulfill all your possible needs.

Renewable energy products

The world has recognized the importance of sustainable energy sources. This includes going for products that are clean and green. These energy sources mainly include wind turbines, solar panels, etc. Following suit, Saudi Arabia is also slowly shifting towards green energy. Thus steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia is highly important to meet the needs of the industry.

To ensure sustainable energy for the ever-growing population, such energy sources are needed. All these sources require steel in their manufacturing. Solar panels are being widely used nowadays because they are easy to set up and compact. With their small form factor, they can easily be installed on each building to generate electricity for them locally. However, this calls for an increase in demand for steel fabrication.

Increase in modern building designs

Nowadays, architecture is shifting from contemporary to modern at a face pace. To support such architecture durable materials are required. At the moment steel is the only material that fits the description. Affordable yet highly durable steel is the choice for every construction project. For heavy-duty applications such as large buildings, steel is the only right material. Mainly known for its strength, steel is the go-to material in the construction industry. As discussed above, Saudi Arabia is going through a developmental phase. Thus, the overall increase in infrastructural development has caused an increase in demand.

With all of these industries combined, the need for metal fabric has severely increased. To ensure sustainability, there is a need for high-quality products that run for a lifetime.

The role of Al Safrik Steel in steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia

Al Safrik Steel is leading in steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia. Our quality and high standards have enabled us to set a place in the metal fabrication industry. We provide a wide range of products spread across multiple categories. This shows our versatility and capability in steel fabrication. Al Safrik Steel manufactures products with 100% steel. This allows us to maintain the high quality of our products. Moreover, we have strict quality standards set in place that allow us to make sure that our products are up to the standard.

Here at Al Safrik Steel, we follow all the international standards. This has enabled us to become the leader in steel products. Our products are not only limited to domestic use. We manufacture products that are durable enough to be used in large-scale industry. If you are looking for a product, we have it. Browse our catalog today and find the right product for yourself. Can’t find the product you are looking for? Get in touch with our team and let us help you. Place an order today to get the quality you paid for. Get the best steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia with Al Safrik Steel.