Steel Barriers in Saudi Arabia

How to Buy Steel Barriers in Saudi Arabia?

Do you want to carry out an event but are worried about organizing the crowd? Maybe you just want to add some protection to your private property? This blog takes a detailed account of steel barriers and how to buy them. Read till the end to find everything you want to know about them.

What is a barrier?

The dictionary defines a barrier as an object that is used to obstruct movement. Some common synonyms used for barriers are barricade, blockade, obstacle, etc. Each barrier has properties that are unique to them. When looking for a barrier, identifying the use case can help you make the right decision.

What is a steel barrier?

As the name suggests, a steel barrier has the same properties however it is made of steel. The change in material composition makes a big difference. Steel has properties different from other materials. This allows it to behave differently in different scenarios. Generally, steel performs better than other materials due to its durability. However, it can change based on real-world scenarios.

Where are barriers used?

There are different uses of barricades which make them a highly useful tool. Some of the common places where they are used are listed below:

Roads and highways

Roads and highways make extensive use of barricades. It is an effective way of splitting the two-way traffic. Moreover, having a barrier on roadsides ensures that vehicles stay safe in case of an accident.

Construction sites

Construction sites have strict safety protocols in place. This ensures that the workers remain safe throughout the entirety of the project. Having safety steel barriers installed throughout the job site can help you comply with the safety standards. It also comes in handy as it helps create zones on the job site. This way you can control the access of workers and keep the equipment organized.


Managing a crowd at large event is a big challenge. Using a steel barrier in such environments helps get the job done much more easily. They not only help organize the crowd but also allow to control access throughout the area.

Security checkpoints

Areas such as military bases and some private properties use security checkpoints. They help in enforcing security in the area. By using steel barriers you can block access to unauthorized vehicles.

Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities have a lot of dangerous machinery installed on the premises. Oftentimes, people end up in catastrophic accidents due to a small negligence. Having a barrier in place can help you create a safe perimeter around such machinery. It can also help create an access-based environment only for authorized personnel.

What is a steel gauge? Why is it important for steel barriers?

A steel gauge is a unit that is used to refer to the thickness of steel. Steel is available in various thickness levels. Having the right thickness is crucial as it directly affects how your product will perform. For example: using a thin metal sheet for a steel barrier is not ideal.

A higher gauge number translates to thinner steel and vice versa. When buying steel, make sure you have the correct steel gauge. If you are unsure, you can contact a professional. You can also delegate the job to a professional steel fabrication company such as Al Safrik Steel.

What are the common types of barriers used?

There are many different types of barricades available in the market. Each serves a purpose different from the other. A list of some of the common types of steel barriers is given below:


Forged with strong metal, B420 blockades are made to secure high-priority properties. They are very heavy in construction and can take damage from moving targets. They are great for heavy work and can be fitted with anti-pedestrian skirts. This addition allows them to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. However, they are not suitable for low-security areas because of the high cost.


To make things easy, the B411 steel barrier comes with an electro-hydro setup. This allows the operator to control them with a simple remote. Configured with multiple features, the barrier is widely used for both civilian and military uses. It also eliminates the need for manning the post 24/7 thanks to the remote-controlled feature.

Crowd control barricades

Found mostly in large audience events these barricades also come with a sturdy build. The steel build allows the barrier to take on a large quantity of people without breaking. Additionally, they also double as guide barricades. This helps in organizing people in large events without the help of human security. Crowd control barricades are one of the most common types of steel barriers around the world. They have been very effective at controlling large amounts of crowds and should be used wherever needed.


Vehicle safety is one of the most important things when it comes to high-speed roads. Every day vehicles are met with deadly accidents. In such events, roads must have a safety barrier. Guardrails are installed along the length of the roads for this exact purpose. They come reinforced and are sturdy enough to take the weight of a fast-moving car. These guardrails help in saving vehicles from going off-road. They also help in keeping safe even in case of deadly accidents. Additionally, they are also installed in hilly areas.

Pedestrian support blockades

Often due to heavy traffic areas, pedestrian walkways need a security support bar. This is important for two reasons:

  1. To keep pedestrians secure in case of an accident.
  2. Help elderly people walk with support

In addition to that, pedestrian support bars also help guide the way for people. They are an essential tool for heavy traffic areas. By fulfilling multiple purposes, they provide excellent value for money.

Segregation barriers

Segregation or separation requires a barrier to create a dividing line in between. To achieve the separation segregation barricades are used. Usually, they are used in factories, traffic areas, etc. They get the job effectively and are strongly built. Al Safrik Steel manufactures a wide range of steel barriers. You can get yours by placing an order on our website today.

Construction blockades

Construction sites are highly unsafe as they have a lot of things going on at the same time. Workers work with little safety gear around dangerous machines and equipment such as forklift extensions, etc. It is crucial in such environments that a safety perimeter is laid out. To ensure their well-being, construction barricades are used throughout the job site. They help separate the workers from the dangerous machines. They can also be used to block workers’ access to unauthorized spaces.

Traffic blockades

Traffic blockades as the name suggests are used for managing traffic. Installed on most roads, they help separate the two-way traffic from each other. Since they are installed in the center of the road they also contribute to drivers’ safety.

Crash blockades

Similar to guardrails, crash blockades also run along the length of high-speed roads. They are easy to install and have a durable construction. The steel build allows them to handle the impact of a fast-moving vehicle.

What is the difference between a concrete barrier and a steel barrier?

Both the concrete and steel barriers are similar as they have the same purpose. However, the difference lies in their composition. Concrete barriers are sturdy thanks to the reinforced concrete. They weigh a lot and take time to build. They are difficult to build and remove. The installation consists of a long, tedious, and labor-intensive process. However, they are great for impact because of their sturdy build. The reinforced concrete allows them to absorb impact vibrations thus making them suitable for various applications.

Steel barricades, however, are made of steel. They are much lighter than concrete and can be easily fabricated. Metal fabrication is done off-site and you only have to worry about the finished product. The installation and removal process is pretty straightforward. Steel blockades are strong and durable and can take impacts easily as well. However, they require maintenance during their lifetime.

How to set the right budget for steel barriers?

Setting the right budget is an important task when it comes to buying steel barriers. A lot of people face trouble setting the right budget and end up spending more. You can follow these steps to ensure you always stay within budget:

1.    Define requirements

Properly defining your requirements is very important as it helps narrow down a lot of things. It will help you understand the type of barrier as well as its material. But most importantly, it will help you set a base budget. This step will also help you figure out the correct type of barrier you are looking for.

2.    Identify the right quantity for your needs

Having the exact number of steel barriers you need is crucial. Buying more barriers than you need is a waste of money. However, buying less will save money for transportation and installation. Thus, spend time to figure out exactly what your needs are.

3.    Include installation fees

One thing people tend to forget when budgeting is installation fees. Each steel fabricator will initially charge you for the product. However, there is an added fee for installation. When choosing a fabricator, it is better to go over these details in advance. It is usually an easy job installing blockades. However, you may need the help of professionals installing some types of barriers such as the B411 barrier, etc.

4.    Setup an emergency fund

When buying any sort of product, you may find yourself making unexpected payments. This can happen because of unexpected events such as breakage, extra labor work, etc. Thus, having some money tied up as an emergency fund is crucial. This way you can ensure that you always stay within budget.

What are the benefits of using steel barriers?

There are many benefits of using steel barriers. They are as follows:

1.      Durability

Steel blockades are highly durable and have a strong build. The carbon content inside them allows them to endure extreme amounts of pressure and weight. They can also withstand all sorts of environmental conditions.

2.      Flexibility

Steel barriers are highly flexible as they can be modified into any shape and size. They are lightweight which allows for ease of transportation.

3.      Ease of installation

Installing a steel barricade is a straightforward process. They can easily be fabricated as per the requirements. Moreover, they can be installed with little to no hassle. Since the installation can be done much more easily, it takes much less time to get the finished product.

4.      Cost-effectiveness

Contrary to popular belief, steel fabrication is a much more cost-effective way of making barriers. The installation job does not require multiple steps, cutting the overall cost.

5.      Customizability

Oftentimes, you need to make last-minute changes to the product. Concrete barricades are rigid in this matter. That is because they cannot be modified once built completely. Steel barriers on the other hand can be customized with less hassle. It is for this reason that they are used widely throughout the world.

How does Al Safrik Steel help make industries secure?

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