Forklift Extensions in Saudi Arabia

10 Common Forklift Extension Types, Benefits and Uses

There have been many a time when operators need to fit something on the forklift arms but can’t. This simply occurs because the arms just aren’t long enough. In an ideal world, you will just leave the package and move forward. However, realistically that cannot happen. Warehouses, port areas, etc., make extensive use of forklifts. They may encounter hundreds of such packages a day that may not fit properly on the forklift arms. This blog gives you a solution to that. We talk about 10 common forklift extension types and how they can benefit you. So read till the end to find out all about them.

What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a truck that is used for lifting and moving goods around. It has a fork at the front which slides under heavy goods. Forklifts also come with different attachments. These forklift attachments enhance the utility of a forklift. Similarly, the forks of a forklift truck can also be extended by using extensions.

What are Forklift Extensions?

Commonly known as fork extenders, they are used to temporarily make the forks longer. This helps lift objects that cannot fit on the original forks due to their length. Fork extenders can be retracted upon need simply by sliding them. When not in need, they can be slid back. This is helpful as you don’t have to change the forks each time.

What are the types of Forklift Extensions?

To maximize the potential of forklifts, Forklift Extenders come in various types in Saudi Arabia. They are listed as follows:

Standard extensions

Standard fork extensions are easy to use. They can simply be slid onto the existing forks. To ensure they don’t move, they are secured with pins and bolts. This is a simple and easy way of extending fork length.

Slip-on extensions

Slip-on extensions are similar to standard extensions. However, they have a slightly sleeker design. This allows them to be easily installed and removed. They also slide onto existing forks. The design is very user-friendly and is good for most use cases.

Telescopic fork extensions

In fast-paced environments, load sizes very rapidly. Standard extensions can be used in such scenarios however they will need to be changed over and over again. To tackle this problem, telescopic extensions were made. They can be adjusted to different lengths. The adjustment of the extensions allows them to handle various load sizes. This flexibility is great for fast-paced environments as you don’t have to change the extender each time. You can simply adjust it to whatever length you require.

Polymer coated extensions

Are you in a business that deals with sensitive loads all the time? Chances are that you may already have scratched the loads. A convenient solution to this problem would be polymer-coated extensions. These are great for one reason. They come coated with a polymer that provides additional protection against damage. It forms an additional protective layer between the load and the extension. This layer is highly beneficial as it protects the loads from getting any scratches. If you deal with sensitive loads you should use polymer-coated extensions.

Ramp forklift extensions

Ramp fork extensions have a tapered edge. This helps facilitate easier entry onto loading surfaces. Pallets with bottom boards or uneven surfaces can be difficult to handle. Ramp fork extensions make the process of handling such pallets much easier.

Foldable fork extensions

A lot of warehouses face one problem very commonly; space issues. This leads to a cluttered mess all over the place. Clutter often leads to the misplacement of tools. Chances are when you need your fork extender you may not find it. However, an even bigger problem is not finding a place to fit it in the first place. Foldable extensions are great for such instances. You can fold them after they have been used. This allows you to save a lot of space. Additionally, you can fold them and fit them in tight spaces as well.

Fixed length extensions

Some companies do not see a lot of variation in their loads. If that is the case with you, getting an adjustable extension may not be wise for you. You may end up paying more money for something you don’t even use. Thus, using fixed-length extensions in such cases would prove to be more appropriate and beneficial.

Adjustable forklift extensions

Adjusting the length of the extender is very easy. However, in some instances, you need to adjust the widths of the extender as well. Adjustable fork extensions are made for this reason specifically. Now you can extend the width of your extensions as well. This is a very handy tool and will help accommodate various load sizes and configurations.

Custom fork extensions

If you are looking for an extension that does not have everything you need you can get it custom-made. This also goes for specific size configurations. Al Safrik Steel specializes in custom steel fabrication. You can share the specific details with us online on our website. This will help our engineers to curate the exact product you need.

What is the load capacity of forklift extensions?

Steel fork extensions are very heavy-duty. They are made to bear large weights. The extensions can take weight anywhere from 4000lbs up to 12000 pounds. However, you should always consult your manufacturer before putting heavy weight on the extensions. On most attachments, the supported weight is also mentioned on the attachment itself.

Are forklift extensions approved by OSHA?

Yes, the extenders are legal to use and OSHA-approved. However, there are several guidelines you need to follow. These guidelines are put into place to ensure safety on the job site. Failure to meet the guidelines can make the use of fork extenders illegal.

What are OSHA safety guidelines to handle forklift extensions?

To ensure the safety of the equipment as well as the employees, OSHA has set a bunch of guidelines. These guidelines should be strictly followed when operating any sort of machinery. The guidelines for forklift operators using forklift extensions are as follows:

  1. Fork extensions must not exceed 1.5x the length of the fork
  2. Only make use of extenders that match the width of the forks
  3. You should never exceed the load capacity printed on fork extenders
  4. The load center should never exceed 50% of fork extension when picking up a load
  5. To avoid accidental dislodgement of fork extensions, they should be properly secured
  6. Always factor in the added weight of fork extensions in your load capacity calculations

What size do forklift extensions come in?

Al Safrik Steel manufactures the extensions in various sizes. That is to accommodate the vast needs of our customers. Our extensions are available in the following sizes:

  1. 8m
  2. 2m
  3. 5m
  4. 8m
  5. 3m

However, we are not only limited to these standard sizes. Al Safrik Steel is a steel fabrication in the Saudi Arabia. We can perform custom fabrication as per your requirements. Contact us today to discuss what your business exactly needs.

Why you should buy forklift extensions?

There are many benefits to buying fork extenders. They are very useful and help maximize the utility of the forklifts. Here are the reasons why you should buy them:

1.   Increased load capacity

In addition to what standard forklifts support, extensions allow them to bear extra weight. As the load capacity increases, you can take heavier loads with ease.

2.   Adjustable length

Instead of being stuck at the standard length, you can extend the fork length. This comes in handy when you have a longer load. Forklift extensions allow you to safely take the extra load without damaging the forklift.

3.   Load stability

To ensure stability, forks come with a clamping system. This allows them to be properly secured to the load. Clamps prevent the load from tipping over or moving around. They also ensure that the load is stable and remains secured in the whole lifting operation.

4.   Pallet handling

Oversized pallets cannot fit on standard forks. Placing them on smaller forks causes a security risk as they can fall over. Additionally, the extra weight can damage the lifting mechanism of the forklift. Using fork extenders solves both of these problems. Since the length of the forks is extended, oversized loads can easily fit. Moreover, the added load capacity makes it safe for the load to be carried.

5.   Improved maneuverability

By improving the stability of the forklift, the maneuverability is also improved. It also makes the lifting and positioning process much smoother.

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