Buy Bollards in Saudi Arabia

How to buy Bollards in Saudi Arabia?

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to protect your property but didn’t know how to? Many business owners find themselves in similar situations. You would be surprised to know that the solution is not only simple but cost-effective as well. This blog talks in detail about steel bollards and how they can protect your business and much more. Read till the end to know everything there is to know about them.

What are steel bollards?

Bollards are strong metal posts used to protect buildings from damage. They are also known as barriers in some parts of the world. They act as a protective layer between the property and the outside elements. They have a historical significance as well. In earlier times, a similar but simpler idea was used. By using wooden posts, a similar result could be achieved. However, with the advent of technology, the idea improved over time. Nowadays, steel posts are used worldwide and have many different applications.

Where are steel posts generally used?

There are many applications for steel posts. They are a very strong and multipurpose tool. In addition to protecting buildings, they can also be used to control access to certain areas. Further applications include road guides, sidewalk protection, etc. There are many types of posts available in the market. Each of them serves a purpose that is similar but also unique.

What are the different types of bollards?

There are many types of bollards in the market. Each has its use. They are a very versatile tool which has multiple uses and applications. Each type can have slight variations among them which sets them apart from the rest. The variation between the different types of posts is discussed down below:

Embedded posts

These posts are embedded into the ground. This causes them to get rigid and makes them highly strong. They do not allow flexibility and cannot be easily moved. Their main purpose is to sustain as much damage as possible. To install them, a strong foundation is required. Weak foundations such as loose soil, etc., can cause them to flex. This defeats their purpose. Thus, special attention should be given to the foundation before installing them.

Keep in mind that this is a permanent solution. Installing embedded posts can be a tedious task and requires special care. Removing the posts after their installation can be a time-consuming and challenging task. These posts are suitable for buildings that need high protection. Since they are strong, they can take damage from a moving vehicle as well. Thus, proving beneficial in case of a vehicle accident, or someone intentionally trying to damage your building.

Surface-mounted posts

As the name suggests, these posts are mounted on the surface of the ground. They are not as rigid as embedded posts. However, they have different applications from the latter. These posts are used for demarcation. This can come in handy if you want to highlight the boundaries of your property. These posts can also be seen on roads and can easily be moved around. These posts also help in separating your property from others.

Rebounding bollards

These posts rebound when an object comes in contact with them. They are not as rigid as embedded posts. Rather they are a combination of both embedded and surface mounted posts. They are usually sighted on roads and are used for separating two-way traffic. While rebounding they don’t damage the object in contact. These posts are used mainly for causing deterrence. Since the lower part of the posts is installed in the ground, they are equally strong as embedded posts. However, the upper part of the posts allows flexibility to the posts.

Retractable posts

These posts are a great tool. They can both deny and allow access. They can be commonly seen near important buildings, food streets, etc. Their main purpose is to block access temporarily. When needed, they can be retracted to provide access. This is very beneficial as you don’t have to physically move them each time you want to provide access. They can simply be retracted which makes the process much easier and smoother. These posts are not completely rigid, although they are very strong. They can be controlled with a button or a remote.

To further enhance and automate them, they can also be controlled with an RFID card. However, this makes sense if you want to provide access to authorized personnel only. These types of bollards are usually installed on military bases, private companies, etc.

Mooring posts

Also commonly known as marine posts, they anchor vessels along jetties. They function and appear differently than traditional posts. They usually have a thicker diameter and are very heavy. They have a crucial task to perform. They are used to keep marine vessels in place and stop them from moving away. There are many types of marine posts to choose from. However, each of them has a different role to perform. The types of mooring posts are listed below as follows:

  • T posts

These posts are shaped like the letter T. Their shape comes in handy as they can handle higher amounts of weight. It is also beneficial as it can accommodate large amounts of rope. The rope can be tied around the T shape. It helps organize the rope and keeps it from slipping. They are strong and sturdy and can handle up to 300 tons of weight.

  • Kidney shaped posts

These posts are shaped like a kidney. Their shape makes them suitable for areas with low to medium tides. Although this is economical, it is also not suited for securing lines at a higher angle. These posts are more suited to light load. Securing multiple mooring lines to a single post can be risky. Thus, for the sake of safety, it should be avoided.

  • Cleats

Cleats are also used for light use. They are best suited for smaller vessels not over 35 tons of mooring capacity. These posts are very effective when it comes to small vessels. As they don’t support large amounts of weight, large vessels should not be tied to them.

  • Double bit bollards

Most of the posts are large. That makes them suitable for open spaces. However, you may encounter tight spaces as well. In that case, double-bit posts are the way to go. They are small in size which makes them suitable for tight spaces. In addition to that, they have higher density. This makes them useful for ship mooring and shifting.

  • Single-bit posts

These posts are great for use. Their design makes them acceptable towards steeper mooring line angles. They can also handle multiple mooring lines at a time. They enhance the utility by accommodating old bolt patterns. This is highly beneficial for people who already have bolt patterns from old marine posts but want to upgrade them.

  • Pillar posts

To accommodate small tidal variations that occur, pillar posts are the perfect candidate. They have a strong and heavy build. This allows them to survive varying and harsh weather conditions. Their heavy build allows them to perform berth repositioning.

What are the benefits of steel bollards?

In Saudi Arabia, bollards are becoming popular day by day. But why should you use them? There are many benefits that they provide to their users. They are listed below:

1.    Safety for property

They keep properties and businesses safe by providing a protective layer in front of them. This way maximum damage is sustained by the posts keeping the properties safe.

2.    Access control

Access can be controlled to certain parts of the city, private properties, etc., by installing these posts. This is a cheap and effective way of getting the job done. There are multiple ways to automate the process too. This way you don’t have to keep supervision 24/7.

3.    Easy maintenance

The posts do not require much maintenance as they are very strong and sturdy. In case you do have to perform maintenance, it can be easily done.

4.    Versatility

The bollards are a truly versatile tool. They have multiple uses and applications. They come in multiple shapes, sizes, and specifications.

5.    Cost-effective solution

They provide cost-effective solutions to the problems. You don’t have to break the bank to implement high-quality solutions. This is great as it is not heavy on the pocket but provides highly effective solutions to problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are committed to minimizing our response time. This section contains some of the questions which are commonly asked. If you have questions that are not listed here, feel free to ask.

How to choose the right bollard?

Choosing the right equipment can be difficult. However, the process can be made easier by identifying your needs and requirements. If you need to install posts on your property, clearly defining your requirements will make the decision a lot easier.

What materials are posts made from?

Posts can be made from any material. However, steel posts are usually higher in quality and durability. They are inexpensive and provide great usability. Al Safrik Steel also manufactures products from steel.

Where can I get custom steel posts made from?

Many steel fabrication companies in Saudi Arabia perform custom fabrication. However, you should first carry out research to choose the right metal fabricator. Al Safrik is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest steel fabrication companies. We also perform high-quality custom fabrication work. You can get in touch with our team to go over your requirements.

Do steel posts break on impact from a vehicle?

They usually don’t break from impact. The high-quality steel used ensures the high strength of the products. They may get weak over time thus maintenance should be performed after each impact.

What is the height of steel posts?

They come in different sizes. However, the standard size ranges from 30″ to 48″ tall, with the average height of them being 36″ or three feet tall.

Al Safrik Steel and our impact on the steel industry

Al Safrik Steel is a steel fabrication company in Saudi Arabia. We have a lot of products to offer to our customers. We not only provide steel products but also great customer service. Our main focus is providing satisfaction to our customers. This is one of the leading reasons why Al Safrik Steel has managed to overtake the steel fabrication industry. We are proudly the pioneers of high-quality industrial steel products not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the UAE.

Steel bollards are a versatile tool that is used in many industries. Apart from that, we have many other products to offer. Among some products that we manufacture are waste skips, self-dumping hoppers, man baskets, etc. There are many misconceptions when it comes to steel products. They are high quality and our products come with galvanized coatings. This protects them from all sorts of weather conditions. So what are you waiting for? Place an order today or get in touch if you’re looking for something custom.