Buy Anti-vortex Plates in Saudi Arabia

Anti-vortex Plates: A Buying Guide For You

Are you experiencing frequent wear and tear in machine parts that come in contact with high-speed fluids? This is a common issue caused by a phenomenon known as vortex. Before you think this is too difficult to understand, let me break it up in simple terms. Have you ever seen a tornado? It is shaped like a funnel, isn’t it? That funnel is known as a vortex. Similar vortexes can be formed in fluids moving at high speeds. Why? Let’s read till the end to find out all about them and how you can solve the issue.

Vortices in liquids? How does that happen?

Although it may sound absurd, it is true. Vortexes can form in liquids that move at high speeds. This happens when fluids start flowing at high speeds. High-speed fluids have a turbulent flow which causes them to move in a swirling motion. When this happens a tornado-like vortex is formed in the flowing liquid. This vortex causes damage to the machine or worse causes total failure. All of this can be avoided using anti-vortex plates. They are a cheap and easy fix. However, they can help you save a lot of money as well as time.

Using a simple tool to save your equipment from damage sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, this dream is here to stay with vortex inhibitors.

What are anti-vortex plates and how do they function?

Anti-vortex plates are simple in design but serve a very crucial function. They decrease the speed of a fast-moving liquid. This helps them disrupt the turbulent flow of the liquid. As the flow of the liquid is converted from turbulent to laminar, it reduces the wear and tear of the machine.

These plates are installed at the suction line of surge tanks. They effectively control the velocity of the fluid. All of this helps in increasing the health of the machine and decreasing the wear and tear. It also helps in reducing cavitation in the fluid. Cavitation means small areas in liquids such as bubbles, etc. These areas are liquid-free and can cause damage such as dents, etc. Once a machine becomes prone to cavitation, it becomes more vulnerable to erosion. It also accelerates the process of erosion which is very damaging to the machine.

What are the types of anti-vortex plates?

To tackle vortices, antivortex plates come in the following types and forms:

1.     Circular plates

These plates are circular. They are placed over the water surface which helps them break the turbulent flow of the liquid. They effectively reduce the formation of vortices. Since they are simple in design, they are straightforward to use.

2.     Inclined plates

These plates are inclined at an angle. They serve two basic purposes: prevent vortices and redirect liquid flow. These plates are used in areas where you want to direct the flow of the liquid. The inclined angle helps achieve that goal. They also prevent the formation of vortices which makes it an amazing tool. The main areas of use for this plate are large tanks, basins, etc.

3.     Paddle plates

Paddle plates, as the name suggests, have multiple paddles attached to them. These paddles help in breaking the speed of the liquid. These are used in areas that have a large influx of high-speed water. Areas such as water treatment plants, water reservoirs, etc., use such anti-vortex plates.

4.     Curved plates

Curved plates curve the flow of the liquid. Thanks to their curvy design, the fluid is redirected across a curve. This helps break the speed of the fluid. As the speed of the fluid is minimized, so is the creation of vortices. Curved plates help achieve a streamlined flow of fluid. This is a good thing as this makes it a good candidate to be used in areas that require a streamlined flow.

5.     Deflector plates

The word deflector means something that causes a change of course or direction. In simple words, deflector plates deflect or redirect the flow of the liquid. This helps break the turbulent flow of the liquid, thus successfully preventing the formation of vortices. Such plates are used extensively in hydraulic systems, pump intakes, etc.

6.     Custom vortex inhibitors

If you cannot find the right product for you, need not worry. Companies such as Al Safrik Steel deal in customized products as well. You can mention your desired specifications such as shape, size, weight, etc., and we will make them for you. This is a great way to ensure that your product is exactly as you require it. This way you don’t need to compromise on anything. Have your product built exactly as you like it.

What specifications do anti-vortex plates come in?

They come in various shapes and sizes. Each variation serves a different purpose. You can use this blog as a guide to buying anti-vortex plates. First, identify the intended usage of the plate. You can then go through all the types mentioned above. Knowing the intended usage beforehand can help you easily identify the correct plate. If you are still struggling to find the right one, you can contact our online support team. They will help you identify the correct plate based on your intended usage and budget.

In general, you can find the plates in standard sizes that range from 2’’ up to 20’’. There are many size variations in between such as 4’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, 14’’, 16’’, and 18’’. The plate you opt for may vary in size, however, you can get custom plates made. For specific uses, you can get non-standard plates made from Al Safrik Steel. We specialize in custom steel projects and that is what makes us special. We offer many more products in Saudi Arabia which you can find on our website.

What is the importance of anti-vortex plates?

These plates serve a very important purpose. They break the flow of the liquid, thus effectively preventing vortices. These vortices, if formed, can cause damage to the machines. If the flow of the liquid becomes too powerful, the force of the vortex can even break the machine.

Vortices can also cause cavitation. It accelerates the process of erosion which can also damage the machines. These plates help avoid all that by breaking the flow of the liquid. They are highly effective and help save large sums of money. Al Safrik Steel manufactures high-quality anti-vortex plates. Our plates are made from steel which allows them to withstand high pressure. You can place an order on our website.

What are the benefits of anti-vortex plates?

There are many benefits to using anti-vortex plates. They are listed as follows:

  1. The plates are easy to use and can be easily installed
  2. Since these plates come in different shapes and sizes, they serve a wide purpose.
  3. The plates have a very simple design and are easy to work with.
  4. These plates prevent damage to machinery which saves not only time but also money.
  5. The plates are highly economical and can easily be purchased. Their economic nature makes them a great fix for a complex and dangerous problem.
  6. These plates prevent cavitation from happening. This helps elongate the life of the equipment and saves it from damage.
  7. Vortex inhibitors help break the flow of liquid. The reduced speed prevents the formation of vortices. This is great as it saves the machine from wear and tear and possible breakage.

Anti-vortex plates: a product of Al Safrik Steel

Al Safrik Steel also manufactures vortex inhibitors. Our products are made from 100% steel. This level of purity makes our products much stronger than our competitors. This ultimately translates into better quality, strength, and life of the product. Apart from that, we have a huge lineup of products to choose from. Our products are manufactured in Saudi Arabia. This helps us provide high-quality products to the Saudi Arabian market at amazing rates.

Although our products come in standard sizes, they can be ordered in custom sizes. We are a steel fabrication company that specializes in custom projects. You can get in touch with our online support team and discuss your needs. They can also help you to make a well-informed decision regarding any of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions from our clients and interested audiences. A lot of questions are repeated. Thus, the most frequently asked questions are listed below. This can help you get immediate answers if you have the same questions in mind.

1.     Where does Al Safrik Steel operate?

Al Safrik Steel is a steel fabrication company that operates in Saudi Arabia, Apart from Saudi Arabia, we also operate in the Middle East. We have a long history that makes us suitable for any fabrication job.

2.     Where are anti-vortex plates commonly used?

There are many places where these plates are used. Some of the most common areas of usage include swimming pools, reservoirs, etc. Among other areas of usage are industrial tanks, water treatment plants, etc.

3.     Vortex Inhibitor the same as an anti-vortex plate?

Yes, both tools are essentially the same. They serve the same purpose. You can find the same tool under either name. In some markets, this is known as a vortex inhibitor while in others it is known as an anti-vortex plate.

4.     Can we get custom fabrication done from Al Safrik Steel?

Al Safrik Steel has a large lineup of products that come in various shapes and sizes. However, on top of that, we also offer our products in custom sizes. That is to accommodate clients with different requirements. This shows the excellence of Al Safrik Steel and our commitment to our business as well as our customers.

5.     How do I find the right vortex inhibitor?

To find the right product you need first to identify your usage. For example, whether you want to use it in a machine, a water treatment plant, etc. Then depending on what you want to use it for, you can choose from the list of different types of vortex inhibitors. While making the decision, you should also keep factors such as budget in mind. This will also help you narrow down your options and make a better decision.