The Advantages of Steel Fabrication in Construction

The Advantages of Steel Fabrication in Construction

Steel is one of the most important materials used in the construction industry. That is because of its rigidity and strength. Contrary to some misconceptions, steel is a highly durable material. To make use of steel, it first has to go through different stages that make it usable. This blog will look at all the different stages and why you should use steel in your construction projects.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Before diving any further, it is important to first understand what steel fabrication is. Steel fabrication means turning steel into ready-to-use products. To achieve that, the steel goes through a series of steps that turn it into usable products. This is done by a steel fabricator, someone who fabricates the steel into useful products. Choosing the right steel fabricator is very important as it impacts the final product.

Stages of steel fabrication in construction

To make useful products from raw steel, it is taken through a series of steps. Three basic steps are made use of in steel fabrication namely cutting, bending, and shaping. All the other steps used in steel fabrication fall into either of these basic categories.

1.     Measurement

Measurement is carried out before any actual work is carried out. To ensure high-quality products, they must be cut precisely. However, measurement is carried out before the cutting process. To make sure that the cutting process is done accurately, precise measurement is carried out. Without accurate and precise measurements, a proper finish cannot be achieved.

2.     Cutting

Before a metal is fabricated, it is first cut to size. This is important as it ensures that the metal is adequate to work with. The cutting phase requires great precision and accuracy so that no metal is wasted. Steel fabrication in construction does not require the metal to be cut into different shapes. However, the steel materials used in construction require high precision. Steel is usually used in the foundation of buildings. Thus, having uneven pieces of steel can affect the quality of the construction.

3.     Bending

The bending process is an important part of metal fabrication. It is carried out to ensure that the product starts to take shape. There are many techniques to bend the metal.

4.     Shaping

To achieve the final shape of the desired product it is then shaped. There are a lot of ways to shape metal, some old while others new. However, all of these methods bring almost the same results. In Saudi Arabia, more and more companies are transitioning to newer technologies as they produce refined products. Al Safrik Steel also uses the latest technologies paired with the best tools and equipment and highly qualified engineers.

Steel is an excellent material to be used in construction. It can be easily fabricated to the desired product, and it lasts a long time. In the construction industry, there are many misconceptions related to steel. As a pioneer in the steel industry, Al Safrik Steel manufactures products that are used in many industries. Our products are used in the construction industry as well. Misconceptions such as rusting, steel being too expensive, etc., are false news. We use only the best kind of steel in our products. Our products come coated with galvanized coatings that ensure a long rust-free life. Al Safrik has also set a standard in steel fabrication in construction. You can find our products on our website.

What are the types of steel used in construction?

This might be new knowledge for you, but there are many different types of steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon with trace amounts of other metals as well. The quantity of different metals is what brings variation among steel. Although all types of steel are great, some of them have qualities that make them better fit in specific applications. The steel fabrication business in construction makes use of the following types of steel:

1.     Rebar steel

Rebar steel or reinforcing steel is used in reinforced concrete structures. It has high strength and holds its strength under pressure. It comes in various grades and sizes and is used in the foundation of buildings. Since it is highly rigid and holds pressure, it makes the buildings strong.

2.     Structural steel

Various structural beams and rods are made with this type of steel. It is also very rigid and strong. It can be molded into various shapes and sizes as per requirement. Buildings constructed with this type of steel are very strong and withstand high winds. Although there are many pros to structural steel it can be prone to rusting. Thus, make sure it’s not exposed to rust-causing factors before it is used in buildings. When it comes to steel fabrication in construction, having multiple options available is a plus point. Thus, it is up to the contractor to choose the type of steel depending on the type of the building.

3.     Mild steel

Mild steel is one of the most used steel in construction. It is popular due to its strength and flexibility. It is very long-lasting and makes a strong foundation. If you live in any area that faces natural disasters frequently, you should go for mild steel. It is excellent in areas that experience disasters such as earthquakes, etc.

4.     Alloy steel

Alloy steel has the name because it contains other metals such as manganese, silicon, etc. These metals bring about features such as corrosion protection, heat resistance, protection from cracking, etc. This type of metal is also strong. It is cheaper than other types of steel and helps in reducing construction costs.

5.     Carbon steel

Carbon steel is known as carbon steel because it contains a higher concentration of carbon. The more carbon it has the stronger the steel becomes. This type of steel is available in multiple variations depending on carbon concentration. It is great as it is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, fire, etc.

Advantages of steel fabrication in construction

There are many materials you can construct a building from. However, steel provides an unmatched strength. It is the perfect material to use in the construction industry. There are many advantages of using steel in construction and they are as follows:

  1. Steel provides great strength. That makes it the perfect material to be used in construction, especially in the foundation of buildings. This also helps the buildings withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, etc. Nowadays, tall buildings such as skyscrapers, etc. also make use of steel. That is because it provides them strength and keeps them safe.
  2. Steel has a higher melting point. That means it can withstand high temperatures. In case of a fire, the structure of steel buildings tends to stay intact.
  3. Steel products used in construction can be prefabricated. This can help speed up the construction process. By making use of this quality, you can complete your building in a lot less time and invest that time elsewhere.
  4. The overall construction cost of steel structures is on the lower side. The cost-effective nature of steel makes it an excellent candidate to be used in construction. Steel fabrication in construction can make use of any kind of steel type. If the building is not expected to bear a lot of weight, cheaper steel can be used. This can help further lower the cost of construction.
  5. Steel can be recycled and repurposed over time. Steel is a highly durable material which means it retains its strength over time. It can be safely recycled without losing its strength and rigidity. If you are in a construction company and want to recycle excess steel, it can be easily done.

Things to take care of when choosing steel for construction

Choosing steel for your construction project can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from. Even on the internet, you can find contradicting opinions about the same thing. Thus, it is important to make sure you choose the right material. These are the things you should look for when buying steel for construction:

1.     Structural requirements of the project

Before setting foot in the market make sure you are clear about the structural requirements of the project. In Saudi Arabia, you can easily find steel of almost all types. This can confuse you thus, being clear on the structural requirements of the project is important. The kind of steel you choose can vary depending on the structural requirements of the project.

2.     Corrosion resistance

Al Safrik Steel produces galvanized steel that is corrosion-resistant. It can withstand harsher climates and weather conditions. When you buy the steel make sure it is also corrosion resistant. You can check this by checking the metals present in the steel. This can give you an idea about the properties of the steel.

3.     Cost efficient

Staying within your budget is also very important. You can easily spend a lot of money. Thus, to make sure your construction project remains within your budget, make sure your steel is cost-efficient. This is a very important factor and is often overlooked. This leads people into problems further down the road causing issues such as delays, etc.

How to find the right company for steel fabrication in the construction industry?

Saudi Arabia is progressing at a fast rate towards construction. That creates room for construction companies. For steel fabrication in the construction industry, you need to look for the following qualities:

1.     Ability to do custom work

The fabrication company should be able to do custom fabrication work. That is important so you don’t have to find a new contractor if you need custom work done down the road.

2.     Have previous experience in the industry

When hiring a fabrication company, make sure to check their experience. You can physically check their previous work as well as search for it online. It is very important to make sure that your contractors have prior experience in the field.

3.     Competitive pricing

When looking for fabrication companies, make sure to get as many quotes as possible. This will help you get an idea of the market and get a fair price as well. Always do your homework so you know what you are paying for.

4.     Latest tools and equipment

The latest technology as well as tools and equipment are necessary to ensure high quality finish. Thus, look for companies that employ the latest tools and equipment.

Al Safrik Steel: Steel Fabrication company in the construction industry

Al Safrik Steel is a Saudi Arabian steel fabrication company. We have a lot of products, each designed with a specific purpose to serve. Al Safrik Steel has been in the industry for a long time. We have been successfully leading the steel industry. We follow international standards and use the latest technologies to curate our products. This combination allows us to dominate the steel industry in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from products that suit the construction industry, we have many other products to choose from. Products such as steel pallets, bollards, waste skips, flange lifters, etc. show our diversity. You can get customized products as well as choose from our long range of products. So wait no further. Place an order on our website or get in touch with our representatives. They can help you figure out exactly what you are looking for.