Man basket in saudi arabia

Choosing the Right Man Basket for your Job

When working at elevated heights, safety is a great concern. We often see people using makeshift equipment to elevate them. This usually happens on construction sites. Skyscrapers also have their window cleaners who go up and clean windows from the outside. Oftentimes, these people fall down the buildings leading to severe injuries. One of the most effective ways to solve the problem is to use man baskets. Don’t know what they are? This blog talks in detail about them and also acts as a guide to help you find the right man basket.

What are Man Baskets?

Before jumping any further we first need to understand what man baskets are. Also known as man cages, they are commonly used in construction sites. They are used to transport workers up levels of buildings safely. They come with a strong build quality that keeps workers safe even in case of an accident. Countries such as Saudi Arabia require companies to use man cages.

These baskets usually come with reinforced steel and a harness to which the workers can attach. The reinforced steel keeps the basket intact in case of an accident. While the harness is used to keep the workers in an upright position. Al Safrik Steel manufactures man cages from 100% steel. This is to ensure utmost rigidity in the structure of the baskets which ensures high quality. Moreover, they are made according to international standards to make sure they are of high quality.

What are the types of man baskets?

Although all the man cages serve the same purpose, they come in several variations. Each variation can differ based on shape, load capacity, weight, etc. However, they all are used for the same basic purpose. You can find them in the following variations:

1.     Rigid baskets

This is the standard type of man cage. They come with all the basic safety features necessary to keep the workers secure. Depending on your needs and manufacturer they can have different load capacities. These baskets usually come in steel or aluminum build and can be easily found.

2.     Crane suspended baskets

This type of basket is used in industries that require the baskets to go on higher elevations. They come with a hook-on top that allows them to be suspended by cranes. This is great for construction sites, etc. that need worker access on higher levels of buildings. These baskets come with a bit more reinforcement. Features such as guardrails, doors, and harnesses are a common sight in these baskets. These baskets also come in different sizes and weight variations. However, you should be careful when putting weight on the baskets.

3.     Telesc topic baskets

These baskets come equipped with a telescopic boom. This allows the workers to go even further up. These baskets are great for use on high buildings that require maintenance.

4.     Forklift man baskets

Forklift baskets provide excellent utility as they can be attached to forklifts. They make the job easy and are great to be used in places that don’t have high unreached heights. Forklift baskets are great to be used in areas such as warehouses, construction sites, etc. If you don’t require to reach much length, you can get forklift baskets.

Where are man baskets used?

There are many areas where man cages can be used. They are listed down below:

1.     Construction and maintenance

In the construction industry, there are many areas where man cages can be used. Apart from construction, they can be used in maintenance areas such as welding, inspection, repairs, etc.

2.     Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance includes repair work such as equipment repair, access to manufacturing facilities, etc.

3.     Utility work

Utility work includes work such as electrical repairs, powerline maintenance, etc. Workers need access to elevated equipment for which man cages are great to use.

4.     Landscaping and tree services

Tall trees make access very difficult. It is highly unsafe to climb up thus they pose the need for lifting equipment. Man baskets are a great fit in such scenarios.

5.     Window cleaning

With the advent of skyscrapers and tall buildings, keeping their exteriors clean is becoming increasingly difficult. Without man cages, the job becomes risky and highly unsafe.

There are other areas where man baskets can be used as well. This proves their versatility and shows how useful they are.

What are the safety factors of man baskets?

Although man cages provide great versatility, they require to be handled with care. When working with such equipment, the operators need to make sure they take all necessary safety measures. Without them, they can harm themselves or end up damaging the equipment. The following safety measures should be strictly followed when operating man cages:

  1. When suspending the basket, always make sure they are properly hooked to the crane. Before lifting the basket, check that the basket hook is properly in place. Failure to do so can result in catastrophic damage to both the basket and the workers.
  2. Never overload the baskets. Always adhere strictly to the maximum weight load capacity of the baskets. Overloading can put stress on the machine lifting the basket. This can lead to causing damage to the lifting mechanism of the crane.
  3. Make sure that the workers have proper gear on and are hooked to the harness before lifting. This is essential for the workers’ safety.
  4. The lifting gear of the crane should be regularly checked and maintained. This is to ensure that the job is always carried out safely. Worn-out gear can break causing the basket to fall off.
  5. These baskets should not be operated in high winds. As they are suspended in the air by cranes, high winds can rock the baskets. This can cause damage to the crane and also cause the basket to fall off. To ensure safety, the baskets should only be used in non-windy environments.

Why do you need man baskets in your business?

Man cages provide excellent utility. They make the job easy and safe. Moreover, Saudi Arabia requires the work environment to be as safe for workers as possible. This is a great tool and helps you achieve government safety requirements. Man cages are a versatile tool and can be used in several jobs as mentioned in this blog. Every construction must have personnel baskets in Saudi Arabia as it is a great addition to their assets.

What are the benefits of man cages?

Each tool has some benefits as they add some sort of value. Similar is the case with personnel baskets. There are so many benefits offered by these baskets and they are mentioned below:

  1. Personnel baskets provide safety to the personnel and equipment inside them. The high-quality materials used in their manufacturing ensure the safety of the contents of the basket.
  2. Since the safety of the workers is ensured, it helps in getting the job done faster. This helps in boosting the overall efficiency of the workplace. `
  3. Personnel baskets are a highly versatile tool and can be used in several jobs. As with many other tools you don’t have to buy them separately for each job. You can use the same types of baskets over and over again.
  4. Since you can reuse the baskets, they provide great value for the money. Their reusability also helps save a lot of money.
  5. The baskets are made with high-quality steel. Moreover, they are further reinforced which ensures safety even more. This makes the baskets very durable and safe to be used in every condition.
  6. In addition to people, man baskets can also be used to transport materials safely. As long as the equipment falls within the load capacity of the baskets, they can be safely transported.

How to choose the right man basket for your job?

Choosing the right man basket can be a daunting task. There are different types of baskets to choose from. The best way to choose the right basket is to identify its usage first. This can be enough for other equipment however with man cages there are many other things at play. It is very important to identify the expected weight that will be carried on the baskets. This is important because if you overload the baskets, they can damage the lifting equipment of the crane. There are many other things to take care of and they are listed as follows:

1.     Attaching method

The attaching method of the basket is as important as the basket itself. That is because it impacts its usage. For example: forklift baskets are a great tool, but they cannot be suspended by a crane because they don’t have a hook attached to them and vice versa.

2.     Safety standards

Safety is one of the most important things when it comes to personnel baskets. Thus, it is important to make sure that the basket you choose follows all the important standards. Companies like Al Safrik Steel are compliant with international standards which ensure their safety and quality standards.

3.     Size of the baskets

The size and dimensions of the basket are also very important. That is because it affects the capacity of the baskets. Moreover, it also impacts the cost of the baskets. If you want to accommodate 3 people at a time, getting a basket that only has room for 1 is a waste of money. Similarly, getting a basket with a capacity of 5 people when you only need to fit is overkill. Thus, the size of the baskets should be considered before buying them.

4.     Budget

Budget is one of the most important things that dictates your decision-making. Having a clearly defined budget helps you in making a well-informed decision. It also saves you time as you can skip products that are beyond your budget. Although it is a very important part of the process, it is also one of the most overlooked aspects. Thus, budgeting should be done before going into the market.

How can Al Safrik Steel help you in your search for man baskets?

Al Safrik Steel is a steel company that has a large lineup of products in Saudi Arabia. Our products are made with perfection to accommodate our huge clientele. There are so many products to choose from, each with its uses and benefits. Among many other products, we also manufacture high-quality man baskets. Our baskets are made from 100% steel which helps us ensure their quality.

Although our products come in standard sizes, we also manufacture custom products. That is to satisfy each client that has different needs from others. Our commitment to the market has allowed us to perfect our trade with modern technologies. You can also get great quality products at amazing prices. Contact our online support team and get your desired products in Saudi Arabia today.