Steel fabricator in saudi arabia

Essential Guide to choosing the Right Steel Fabricator

Choosing the right steel fabricator can be a difficult task. In Saudi Arabia, there are so many fabricators to choose from. When looking for a metal fabricator there are a lot of things you should take care of. They are paramount to ensuring a high-quality fabrication job. This blog is for everyone who is in search of a metal fabricator. Whether you are someone who has experience or is completely new to the industry, this blog can prove to be beneficial for you. This blog acts as a guide to choosing the right steel fabricator. So don’t skip. Read till the end to make your decision process a lot easier.

Who is a Steel Fabricator?

To make useful products from steel, it needs to be “fabricated”. A fabricator essentially is someone who uses different techniques to make products from steel. These techniques can be a combination of different methods or a single method of steel fabrication. The most common techniques used worldwide are cutting, shaping, etc.

Why do you need a steel fabricator?

Steel is useless until and unless useful products are fabricated from it. A metal fabricator is a skilled craftsman that crafts the required products from it. Having a highly skilled fabricator is important as they ensure high standards of the product. Employing unskilled fabricators can cause problems such as bad finish, compromised quality of the product, etc. Thus, you should always make sure that the fabricator you employ is skilled enough for the job.

How is steel fabrication done?

There are a lot of methods and techniques that go into steel fabrication. Depending on the required output, it can be a combination of several techniques. The three basic techniques of steel fabrication are cutting, bending, and assembling. They can be expanded into the following methods:

1.     Metal forging

Welding is one of the oldest methods of fabrication steel fabricators use. It consists of heating the steel until it converts into a molten state. Then with the help of a hammer, it is shaped into place. This method is very effective and is still used in the fabrication process.

2.     Casting

Metal casting is somewhat similar to forging. It also turns the metal into molten state however there is one major difference. After the metal has been heated into its molten state, it is poured into a mold. The mold is like a container shaped into the desired product. When the molten steel is poured into it, it takes the shape of a mold. It makes the job easy as the steel fabricators do not have to use hammers. This technique comes in handy when you have to make a large quantity of similar products. It speeds up the process and provides predictable results.

3.     Drawing

Not every product requires a lot of thickness. Some products require a thin sheet of steel. For example: door flanges are made from a thin sheet of metal. In such cases, it is important to thin out the sheet of metal first. Metal drawing does precisely the same thing. In metal drawing, the metal sheet is pulled by using tensile strength. The pulling stretches the sheet making it thinner. Thin sheets are used in the fabrication of a lot of products. They are easier to fabricate as well thus they are commonly used.

4.     Cutting the steel

Another important process of steel fabrication is steel cutting. This process makes sure that the steel is cut to size before it can be shaped. Accurate cutting of metal is very important. Cutting too much can make the sheet useless, and cutting too little can also cause issues. There are many techniques of metal cutting. For example: laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, etc. Metal cutting techniques do not affect the final product as the output is widely the same. They can, however, vary in aspects such as time, ease, etc.

5.     Shaping the steel

After the metal has been cut to size, it is then shaped as per requirements. This is also an important method and requires skill. There are a lot of shaping techniques that a steel fabricator can choose from. Each has its benefits. In the earlier days, the metal was shaped by hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. This technique would take a lot of time and would cause inconsistencies. Ever since many other shaping techniques have been introduced. These techniques make the shaping process a lot easier. Other commonly used shaping methods are bending, rolling, forging, etc. Although many other shaping techniques have been introduced, forging is still used in the fabrication of some products.

6.     Welding

Finally, after the completion of the fabrication process, assembling takes place. Welding is the most used process as it is very strong. However, apart from welding other processes such as brazing, soldering, etc. are also used. All of these processes are good for assembling the products. However, it is up to the steel fabricator to choose what process he wants to go with. That is because depending on the expected load and usage, the assembling technique can vary.


What should you look for when in the market for a steel fabricator?

When looking for a steel fabricator in Saudi Arabia, there are a couple of things you should have in mind. They are listed below:

1.     Experience of the metal fabricator

Whenever you are looking for a metal fabricator always look at their experience. Metal fabrication is a very serious job. Small problems and oversights can lead to catastrophic failures. The best way to judge a craftsman’s skill is to look at their past work. You can check this by looking at their previous work. In today’s modern times, you can google their work or simply ask the fabricator to show their previous work.

2.     Availability of skillful labor

Having skillful labor at hand that can perform all sorts of steel fabrication is very important. They should be professional enough to handle any problems that occur during the job. Steel fabricators that use shortcuts to get the job done are what cause problems in the first place. Especially in the case of industry-grade equipment, having a skilled steel fabricator is very important. Such equipment is subjected to a lot of weight and pressure. If they are not fabricated properly, they may break and cause damage to the operators as well as other equipment.

3.     Compliance with local and international standards

There is a growing demand for steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia. To cater to the rising need there are a lot of fabricators in the market as well. Even though they might be good, not a lot of them are compliant with local standards. Why is compliance with such standards important, you may ask? This shows that the steel fabrication company uses best practices and standards for its fabrication jobs. This ensures a higher quality product. If you are buying products from a foreign company, make sure they are compliant with international standards. This can be checked very simply. Companies that are compliant with certain standards are issued compliance certificates by the monitoring bodies. Keep an out for them as this will help you filter good fabricators.

4.     Ability to do custom fabrication

One of the problems people face with their steel fabrication companies is their inability to do custom fabrication. This may not seem important to you now, but you may need it down the road. In such an instance, having a metal fabrication company able to do custom work is a blessing. This allows all the fabrication work to be completed in-house.

5.     The technology the fabrication company is using

Keeping up to date with the latest technology is very important. This helps ensure a higher quality product. By making use of processes and technology that promote higher precision, quality can be improved. It is not only about the steel fabricator himself but also the technology he uses. Thus, you should also pay attention to what technology the fabrication company is using.

6.     Customer service and after-sales support

This is one of the most important things for you as a customer. This is also one of those aspects that dictate the overall experience for a customer. Good customer service is essential. The company should have a strong customer service network to ensure a good customer experience. For example: you purchased a steel pallet from Al Safrik Steel. However, after two months of your purchase, you start facing some issues. A good customer service experience will ensure all your problems are resolved by the company. Moreover, it will also ensure that you are completely guided during your initial purchase process. Al Safrik Steel offers great after-sales support. You can get help any time and our representatives will be there to help you.

7.     Good pricing

Finally, your company of choice should also offer good pricing. Providing competitive pricing ensures that you are not being overcharged at all. You can ensure this by getting quotations from multiple steel fabricators. This will tell you what other companies are charging. However, it is advised to set a budget before going into the market. This will help you make better decisions without emptying your pockets.

Why should you choose Al Safrik Steel as your steel fabricator?

Al Safrik Steel has been in the steel fabrication industry for many years. We have a lot of products to choose from. Our products are carefully designed to cater to the general needs of the industry—no matter what kind of products, Al Safrik Steel has it. Ever since our inception, we have been focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. We understand that there is a lack of high-quality steel products in Saudi Arabia. Thus, to fulfill the needs of every customer we have introduced our carefully fabricated lineup of products.

Apart from generic products, Al Safrik Steel proudly deals in custom products. We can help you bring your ideas to reality. You can get in touch with our online support team to walk you through some of the best steel products we have to offer. If you have any questions, you can contact our online support team. At Al Safrik we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Get in touch today to bring your products to reality.