Steel Pallets in Saudi Arabia

How to choose the best Steel Pallet in Saudi Arabia?

There are many useful tools out in the market that can make your life a lot easier. One of those tools is steel pallets. If you’ve never heard about them, then don’t worry. This blog gives a detailed account of steel pallets, their types, and why you should use them? Read till the end to find all the information you need to know.

What is a Steel pallet?

Steel pallets, also known as steel bunks, are used by load carriers. They act as a platform for heavy materials to be stacked up on them. This is to ensure the safety of materials when they are being moved and protect them from any sort of damage. They are an excellent tool to be used in warehouses or places where goods are moved a lot. The ability to safely stack items increases productivity as you can make use of the space more efficiently. Since the pallets are made of steel, they are highly durable and provide longevity as well. They also come in various weight ratings which means you can stack almost all types of weights.

Why would you need Steel Pallets?

Goods often get damaged during transit. Especially the ones that are a bit heavy and require some sort of machine to move them. That is because usually forklifts are used in moving them. The forks are driven directly underneath the product which ends up damaging it. Making use of a steel berth not only makes the process easier but also ensures the safety of the package. How?

Well, it is simple. Instead of driving the forks directly into the product, it is driven into the slots inside the pallet. This not only protects the product from the forks but also keeps it safe when the product is on the forklift. Wooden pallets are also used by a lot of people but they are not as durable. Over time the wooden pallets become weak and break. Steel bunks provide much more durability and strength than a wooden pallet. Overall they are a much better option than the latter.

What are the different types of Steel Pallets?

Steel bunks come in various shapes and sizes. Each provides a utility that the other one may lack. This shows how versatile of a tool they are. There are many different cases in which steel bunks can be used. With the boom of industry in Saudi Arabia, there is an increase in storage units, warehouses, cargo companies, etc. These are the types of businesses that make the most use of steel bunks. You can also get them in the following different types:

Standard steel bunks

Standard bunks are one of the most versatile bunks as they have a standard shape and size. They can be used almost everywhere and provide a robust solution to the problem. These are great if you do not have to deal with custom-sized packages. The standard dimensions make them a great fit for your existing logistical needs. These pallets are built to last and will serve you in various scenarios.

Heavy-duty steel bunks

Heavy-duty bunks are a bit sturdier in construction. They are made specifically to handle heavier weights. Higher-density steel allows them to support extra without any issues. You can use them to stack or carry the items. However, make sure that you don’t stack these pallets on delicate items. Since the weight of the pallets is much more than those of standard pallets, these alone can damage them. Adding extra weight on top may cause the delicate packages to break. You can stack heavy weights on these pallets without any worries. However, the manufacturer’s manual should be consulted for checking the recommended weight. This is necessary to ensure that pallets are not being overused.

Stackable steel bunks

Stackable steel bunks solve one major issue a lot of people face, i.e., lack of space. A lot of warehouses do not have enough space to accommodate a large quantity of materials. Buying a large piece of land to build the warehouse is highly expensive. Then what can be done in such a scenario? Stackable steel pallets are the answer. They provide great utility and true value for money. You can stack items on top with the help of these pallets. This way you can increase your inventory vertically instead of going horizontally. By using an interlocking mechanism, they ensure that the pallets don’t topple over. Thus, providing a safe and secure solution to the problem.

Folding steel bunks

Folding steel bunks have a mechanism that allows them to act as a platform for forklifts and cargo boxes. This is to provide a smooth operation while ensuring work area safety. These are generally used in areas that witness a lot of package movement. For example: big cargo areas and warehouses are the ideal places for these bunks to be used.

Steel pallet crates

This type of pallet is mainly used for storing items. They are strong and durable and are great for storage containers. Their strong and sturdy build allows them to store heavy materials on them. They are also a great addition to your pallet collection.

Customizable pallets

Customizable pallets are excellent for taking care of all sorts of items. You can get them in any shape and size you desire. Standard steel pallets fail when a custom package has to be stored and moved. That is because due to different dimensions, it doesn’t fit the item. However, for custom packaging, you can get custom pallets made. There is however one thing you should ensure before getting custom pallets. When getting a custom pallet, try to keep it a bit generalized so that it can be reused over time.

If you get a pallet in a highly unique shape or size, it may not be used again. It will just sit in your building and waste space. You can also add more metal to the pallet to add rigidity. Al Safrik Steel manufactures steel products in Saudi Arabia. We also have a large lineup of steel pallets. Our highly qualified team can make customized products as well. To get your custom needs fulfilled, contact our online support team today.

Galvanized steel bunks

Have you ever wondered why your steel berths rust over time? It’s not because of the poor quality of steel. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when steel is left unexposed for a long time. Environmental factors such as rain, dust, and moisture cause the steel to rust over time. However, you need not worry about it. Galvanized bunks have a special coating over them which makes them immune to rusting. You can put them outdoors for longer periods without any worries. These pallets are great for extreme Saudi Arabian weather. However, after some time you may need to get it recoated.

What benefits do our Steel Pallets provide?

There are many benefits of using Al Safrik Steel’s steel pallets. They can be summarized here as follows:

Highly durable

We use 100% pure steel which translates to a highly durable product. Our products are made for high-use maintenance environments. They can be used in harsh environments without much requirements for maintenance.

Extra safety

Our products are manufactured with one thing in mind, i.e., safety. The reinforced nature of the pallets makes them highly safe to be used in any environment. The interlocking mechanism and the overall build help in minimizing the risk of accidents. Moreover, our products are compliant with International Safety Standards.

High compatibility

Our products are designed in a way that makes them compatible with most of the tools already used by various companies. This is important as you don’t require specific equipment to use them. Just buy them and use them with your existing equipment. We would however recommend checking support for your equipment before you buy it.

Easy to use and maintain

Our pallets are very easy to use. They are straightforward and need instructions to be followed. They are also extremely easy to maintain and clean. We use high-quality paints and galvanized coatings which makes them resistant to environmental factors, contaminants, etc. You should however use them with care to ensure a long life of the product.

Why should you choose Al Safrik Steel?

Al Safrik Steel has a long history of excellence in steel products. We not only operate in Saudi Arabia, but our roots extend to the United Arab Emirates as well. We have become pioneers in the industry due to our excellence and high-quality standards. At Al Safrik Steel we believe in customer satisfaction. Our engineers work day and night to ensure the highest quality of products to achieve that satisfaction.

Apart from steel pallets, we have a lot more to offer. Our wide range of products includes items for almost every use. Our carefully curated range of products allows us to satisfy a large client base with differing needs. It doesn’t matter if your needs are a bit different from what we offer. If you want it, we can make it. We are one of the very few steel fabrication companies that can do custom work as well. So don’t wait any further. Get in touch with our online representatives and place your order today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These questions are encountered frequently. They are mentioned here so that people with similar questions can get their answers right away. If you have a different question, you can contact our online support team.

1.     How do steel pallets improve workplace safety?

They improve workplace safety by providing a safe way to store and transport goods. They also minimize the risk of damage and accidents thanks to their sturdy build. They are highly stable which means they are safe to use on machines such as forklifts etc.

2.     What are steel pallets used for?

Steel pallets are used for storing and transporting heavy goods inside a storage or cargo facility safely. They have slots inside them which keeps the goods safe during the moving process. They are heavy and have a sturdy design which protects them from all sorts of damage.

3.     Are steel bunks safe for outside use?

Yes, they are safe for outside use. Galvanized steel bunks have a protective layer on top of them which keeps them safe from rust. They are the best option for outside use.