Spreader Beams in Saudi Arabia

Spreader Beams: Types, Usage, and Advantages

Ever find yourself in the market and find a new product you have never seen before? It happens quite frequently and often those new products are pricy and not that useful. However, every once in a while, there is this one product that catches your eye. It has great build quality, a good price, and provides excellent utility. Spreader beams are the same. You may ask how it is something you might want as well. To answer your questions, we will discuss the product in-depth, discuss its uses as well as advantages. Read till the end to find everything you need to know about them and why you need them.

What are Spreader Beams?

Before moving any further, we first need to understand what spreader beams are. They are used for lifting heavy items. They consist of a long horizontal beam with multiple attachment points that are attached to the suspended load. This helps in ensuring that the load is balanced while it is being lifted. The beams are suspended from a crane or a lift. There are many other ways of lifting the load. However, these beams are used to ensure that the load does not fall off by ensuring an even distribution of weight.

What are the major types of Spreader Beams?

There are many types of Spreader beams available in the market although they all serve the same purpose. You can find them in the following different types:

Fixed Beams

Fixed beams are a great tool as they make the lifting process a lot easier. Depending on their load-bearing capacity, they can be used for almost any load. However, they have a drawback that limits their versatility. Since they have a fixed span, they can only accommodate load that fits their size perfectly. They cannot be adjusted according to the size of the load. For that, we need adjustable lifting beams.

Adjustable Lifting Beams

Adjustable beams have a great feature that allows you to adjust them as per your requirements. They are a great tool and can be used for loads of different sizes. Their main purpose is to support re-usability as you can use the same beam for many different loads. Irrespective of the size of the load, they provide great weight distribution. However, they are more suitable for loads that have a uniform and consistent shape. Using them for irregularly shaped loads may not be suitable.

Modular Spreader beams

Modular beams provide a lot of flexibility which makes them a truly versatile tool. They consist of a modular design which allows the users to modify them according to their needs. These beams consist of several interchangeable sections. These sections enable the tool’s modular design. Depending on what the users require, these beams can be modified for the desired span as well as weight. All these features make modular beams a must-have tool.

Adjustable Modular Lifting Beams

To provide the best experience to users, adjustable modular beams make use of a two-way approach. The flexibility and modularity of the modular beams are enhanced even further by adding adjustability to the beams. They work by making use of adjustable hooks that allow quick assembly and disassembly. However, for normal usage, these spreader beams can be overkill. Using modular or even adjustable beams will get the job done just as efficiently.

Basket Lifting Beams

Basket lifting beams, also known as four-point lifting beams, have four lifting points. This helps in lifting the weight from all four sides. This is used for materials that are very heavy and need even weight distribution on all sides. Whatever your normal lifting beams can’t lift, basket lifting beams will lift easily.

Multi-purpose Lifting Beams

These beams are perfect for places that frequently require changes in lifting configurations. You need not get different lifting beams as one will get the job done. They have multiple lifting points as well as adjustability. This allows further adjustment of the beams as required by the users.

Custom Spreader Beams

These beams are customized according to the needs of the client. They are customized based on size, lifting capability, weight, etc. You may require a beam that is a bit different from the conventional ones. To get the exact product you desire you will have to get it made that way. Fortunately, Al Safrik Steel is the right steel fabricator for the job. We make customized steel products that fit all your needs. You can get in touch with us to talk about your needs.

What are the uses of Spreader Beams?

Many industries make use of spreader beams. That is because of the level of flexibility and versatility they provide. You can use them in the following industries:

Construction Industry

There are many heavy materials on a construction site. Especially the ones that make use of steel, bricks, cement, etc. In such cases having heavy-duty equipment makes the job a lot easier. It not only makes the whole process efficient but also contributes to a safer environment. Of course, you can use Al Safrik Steel’s other products such as waste skips to keep the site neat.

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping is another important industry that uses spreader beams widely. Using other lifting techniques may not be as efficient as well and it may cause safety concerns at the job site. Lifting beams are made specifically to handle such heavy loads. Their multiple hooking points help ensure that the load stays evenly balanced. This keeps the job site safe and gets the work done quickly.

Mining Industry

The mining industry includes a lot of heavy machinery. This machinery is required to extract heavy pieces of minerals and metals from Earth. Lifting Spreader beams can help transport the machinery as well as the extracted minerals.

Oil and gas industry

Countries such as Saudi Arabia which are rich in oil require a lot of heavy equipment to drill them out. Moving that equipment can be extremely difficult without proper equipment. Lifting beams can help lift and transport them easily.

There are many other industries where spreader beams can be used. They are a truly versatile product that provides a lot of flexibility. You can use them in a variety of scenarios that involve heavy products.

Are Spreader Beams the same as lifting beams?

Essentially, they both have the same purpose, i.e., lifting heavy loads. However, there is a small difference between the two. Lifting beams have a single attachment point on top which connects to a lifting machine such as a crane, etc. They usually come with two or more evenly spaced lifting points underneath. These points are then connected to the load they are lifting.

Spreader beams, however, on the other hand, are suspended by a sling to the crane. It has two or more lifting points underneath for the load. They are used to evenly distribute the weight of the load while it is suspended in air. This is very important as it helps in keeping the load balanced.

However, since both beams serve the same purpose, they often get mistaken for each other. This is also the reason why both the terms can be used interchangeably.

What are the advantages of Spreader Beams?

These beams provide a lot of advantages that make them an amazing tool. Some of the advantages are listed below as follows:

  1. These beams provide an even load distribution. This helps in ensuring that the load remains balanced when suspended in air. Uneven balance can end up toppling over during transportation. This can cause damage to the load as well as the people around.
  2. The beams can be used with existing lifting machines such as cranes. That is because they use hooks which allows them to attach to cranes, etc. This is helpful as you don’t need to get special machines. They can be used with your existing machines easily.
  3. Since the beams come with various lifting points, they add extra safety and stability to the load.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below. If you have a unique question, you can get in touch with our online support.

1.     What is the function of a spreader bar?

Spreader bars are used to spread the load across more than one point. This helps in increasing the stability of the load.

2.     How many rigging points are used with a spreader beam?

They have two attachment points on the sides of the beams which connect to the crane. Two or more additional attachment points are on the lower side of the beam. They are used for suspending load off the beam.

3.     What size are spreader beams?

They come in various sizes depending on the weight and size of the load. Usually, they range from 2 to 5,000t with spans available from 0.4m/1’4″–100m/300′.