Pipe Rigging rollers

Pipe Rigging Rollers: A Complete Guide

Have you ever worked with pipes? Moving the pipes during maintenance can be a very difficult and time-consuming task. It takes a lot of effort just to move them a little bit. Well, what if there was a simpler way to get the job done? A way where you don’t have to spend so much time and just slide the pipes away? Well, you don’t have to think anymore. Pipe rigging rollers are for that exact purpose. This blog takes a detailed look at what pipe rollers are. So read till the end to find out all about pipe rollers.

What are Pipe Rigging Rollers?

Commonly known in the industry as pipe rollers, they are an amazing tool. They make moving pipes so much easier. They consist of a sturdy frame with rollers or wheels attached below. The wheels are designed to support the weight of pipes. This allows to slide pipes in and out easily. Pipe rollers allow for a smooth way to complete pipe maintenance, replacement, etc.

What are some of the common types of Pipe Rigging Rollers?

Pipe rigging rollers come in different types. Each supports a certain kind of purpose. However, the basic usage and purpose of the tool remains the same. The rollers can be easily found in the following different types:

Heavy duty rollers

These rollers are built to withstand heavy loads with ease. They are suitable for industries such as oil, gas, etc. These pipes are not only heavy but also huge. Handling them can become very challenging. Thus, getting heavy-duty rollers can make the job a lot easier. Using this type of roller can make the pipe-moving job a lot easier and safer. That is mainly because they support all the weight. You just have to slide them in and out of place.

Adjustable rollers

Adjustable pipe rigging rollers offer a lot of flexibility. This can help in adjusting and customizing the rollers as per your needs. These rollers are great for environments where the size of pipes varies a lot. You don’t have to get different-sized rollers each time. The same work can be done by simply adjusting the roller as required. This is a great way of saving money but still getting the job done with efficiency.

Polyurethane rollers

Many industries make use of pipes that are a bit delicate. The normal pipe rollers are sturdy and well-built. However, they can end up scratching delicate pipes. This calls for a pipe roller that supports the pipe’s weight but does not scratch it. This is where polyurethane pipe rollers come into play. They provide an optimal grip meaning the pipes will be safe and secure. However, they are coated with a material that does not scratch delicate pipes.

Swivel pipe rollers

Every once in a while, you may encounter a job where you may need to rotate the pipes. This can be a very challenging and dangerous task without proper tools and safety. With swivel pipe rollers, the job becomes a lot easier. You can easily rotate and turn pipes without compromising on safety. These rollers come built-in with a rotating mechanism. This helps keep the pipes sturdy and rotates them to your desired angle.

Low-profile pipe rigging rollers

These pipe rollers are made to be used in tight areas. Places that don’t have much space are the perfect candidates for this tool. These rollers are compact in design. This allows them to fit easily in small and tight spaces. The reduced height ensures that the rollers can fit both vertically and horizontally. If your work area also suffers from tight spaces, low-profile rollers are meant for you. They are just as sturdy, just a bit compact.

Beam clamp rollers

You may encounter places where the pipes must be transported over a track or beams. To maintain their stability, a tool is required that keeps them in place. Beam clamp rollers are ideal for that purpose. They come equipped with rollers which allow them to move on tracks. This way you can keep them balanced and transport them safely. Industries such as mining utilize such types of pipe rollers. It makes the job easy and is a great tool.

Pneumatic pipe rigging rollers

Sometimes the weight of the pipe is too much. This means they can get damaged by their weight if put down rapidly. Thus, there needs to be a way to slowly put them down. Pneumatic pipe rollers are a great tool for this purpose. They make use of air pressure to lift and put down pipes. This acts as a sort of cushion for pipes. This is a much safer way to handle pipes as it protects them from damage. Thus, it should be used when dealing with extremely heavy pipes.

Why should you make use of Pipe Rigging Rollers today?

Pipe rollers are an excellent tool. They provide amazing utility and add a lot of convenience to the job. Apart from that, the following are the reasons why you should use them:

1.     They enhance the efficiency of the workplace

Pipe rollers enhance the efficiency of the workplace. They make the job easier by letting the pipes slide smoothly. This way the workers don’t have to spend much time moving the pipes. They can drag the pipe roller. This allows the job to be completed a lot earlier. It also helps the workers avoid overworking on the job. All these factors work in synergy to enhance the efficiency of the workplace.

2.     They enhance the safety of the workplace

The pipe skates are designed to bear the weight of the pipes. The frame is sturdy enough to easily take the burden of the pipes. Since they have rollers attached below, it allows them to safely move the pipes. The rollers also have a grip on the pipe. This helps to keep them in place and maintain the balance. Thus, promoting a safer workplace. This is not only safer for the equipment but also for the workers.

3.     They allow for a much better positioning of pipes

Since the pipe rigging rollers make the pipes balanced, they can be positioned easily. Moreover, they can also be rolled into the desired place easily. This means that the pipes can be aligned perfectly while fitting them back. The pipes can be rotated on their axis as much as required. This is great for the workers as they don’t have to do anything. Aligning the pipes properly has never been this simple before.

4.     They make the maneuverability much easier

The wheels allow for easy maneuverability of the pipes. The pipes can also be rotated, raised, and moved horizontally. They even have the flexibility to adjust them in tight spaces. This shows how versatile the tool is. It can easily be used in multiple scenarios. Thus, it is a must-have for any company that works with pipes.

Which industries can make use of Pipe Rigging Rollers?

The following industries work with pipes in abundance and need pipe rollers:


Pipe rigging rollers find extensive use in construction endeavors, including building construction, infrastructure development, and the installation of pipelines. They play a crucial role in maneuvering and positioning pipes throughout the construction of plumbing systems and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector heavily depends on pipe skates for the transport, installation, and upkeep of pipelines. These rollers streamline the movement of large and weighty pipes during the construction of pipelines, expansion projects, and repairs within refineries, drilling sites, and distribution networks.

Power and Energy

Power generation facilities, encompassing thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, and renewable energy installations, employ pipe skates for handling pipes in cooling systems, exhaust systems, and fuel distribution networks.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Various manufacturing sectors necessitate the use of pipe rollers to move and position pipes in their production processes. Industries like automotive, aerospace, steel, chemical, and food processing leverage these rollers for efficient pipe handling during assembly, fabrication, and material handling operations.

Shipbuilding and Offshore

Shipbuilding yards and offshore platforms rely on pipe rigging rollers for the construction, repair, and maintenance of marine vessels and offshore structures. These rollers assist in installing piping systems for fuel, water, and HVAC systems on ships and offshore rigs.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities employ pipe rigging rollers to handle pipes involved in distributing treated water, sewage systems, and water pumping stations. They play a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of pipelines in these vital infrastructure projects.

Mining and Resources

Mining operations, particularly in mineral and resource extraction, utilize pipe rigging rollers for handling pipes used in water supply, slurry transportation, and waste management systems. These rollers facilitate pipe movement in challenging mining environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are there specialized pipe rollers for unique environments, such as mining operations?

Yes, there are specialized rollers designed for challenging environments like mining operations. These rollers are built to handle the specific demands of water supply, slurry transportation, and waste management systems in mining settings.

  • In what scenarios would swivel pipe rollers be preferred?

Swivel pipe rollers, with their rotating or pivoting mechanism, are preferred in situations where pipes need to be moved around corners or through tight spaces. They provide greater maneuverability compared to fixed rollers.

  • Can pipe rollers accommodate different pipe sizes and weights?

Yes, many pipe rollers are designed to be adjustable or come in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters and weights. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of pipes used in different industries.