Pipe Spools in Saudi arabia

How to Buy Pipe Spools in Saudi Arabia?

If you have worked with pipes before you know it can become a bit challenging to handle them. Sometimes natural elements such as an unsuitable job site can make things difficult. To make the process easier, you can make use of pipe spools. If you don’t know what they are don’t worry. This blog is a detailed guide about spools and how to buy them. Read till the end to find the right spools for your job.

What are Pipe Spools?

Commonly used in piping systems, they are prefabricated pieces of pipes. The pipes are cut into sizes and come with flanges and fittings. They are installed during the manufacturing process. This makes the job much easier and cleaner. You can have the pipes cut to the desired lengths. This reduces the time required to finish the job and the amount of labor required for the job as well. The prefabrication is very useful for sites that do not have spare space for piping work to be carried out.

What components make pipe spools a useful tool?

The spools are comprised of three main components:

1.   Pipes

The pipes are sized as per the requirements of the user. They are the main backbone of the piping system.

2.   Flanges

Flanges are used to provide a connection between two pipes. They help secure the pipes by making use of bolts. This helps create a tight connection between the pipes.

3.   Fittings

Fittings are also used to connect pipes. They are used to change the direction of the flow of pipes. Many different types of fittings help alter the direction of pipes.

What are the different types of pipe spools in the piping industry?

There are many different types of spools available in Saudi Arabia. The main types of pipe spools are listed as follows:

Welded spools

These spools are focused on creating a single seamless and integrated unit. That is achieved by welding individual segments of pipes together. This is useful for instances where a single continuous flow is required. Since they are welded together, no room for leakage is left. This helps in achieving a leak-proof piping system. Although they are great, they are permanent, which can cause difficulties in maintenance.

Threaded spools

These spools have threaded ends. This allows them to be easily connected and disconnected. They allow easy maintenance due to their ease of access. These spools are suitable for areas where frequent disassembly may be required. However, it is pertinent to note that properly securing the spools is essential. Failure to properly secure the pipes can lead to problems such as leakage. Thus, double-checking whether the spools are properly threaded can save you from a lot of problems down the line.

Flanged spools

These spools make use of flanges. To establish a connection between them, bolts are used. They offer a semi-permanent solution. As the pipes are bolted, they are secured properly. However, they can be removed when needed by simply undoing the bolts. These spools are also great for instances where frequent disassembly may be required

Reducing pipe spools

To accommodate varying pipe diameters, reducing pipe spools allows for different diameters at the end. This allows them to easily accommodate different pipe sizes. As the pipe diameter changes, the flow rate of the pipe may also change. These pipes also successfully accommodate the change in flow rate. Thus, they are a great tool to use.

Insulated spools

These spools come with an additional layer of insulation. They are beneficial because they help keep the heat inside. This added layer of insulation is necessary for pipes in hot climates. Heat can be detrimental to the health of the pipes. The flow of fluid causes some pressure inside the pipes. Extra environmental factors and heat can cause the pipes to deform or in some cases explode. Thus, having an additional layer of insulation can be very beneficial.

Jacketed spools

Jacketed spools also come with an additional layer on the outside. They have an outer casing that circulates a heating or cooling medium. This is a bit different from insulated spools as they only contain a layer of insulation. The outer casing helps control the temperature of the pipes. These spools serve a different purpose than insulated spools. Many pipes carry fluids that cause friction such as oil, etc. This friction causes the temperature of the pipes to rise. This makes it necessary for there to be a cooling mechanism. Otherwise, the pipes can be severely damaged, or worse a disaster can occur.

Custom pipe spools

Generic spools come with general dimensions that may or may not fit properly in your piping systems. To get a perfect fit, you would need custom spools. These can be a bit expensive. To go for a more budget-friendly route, you can customize them on your own, but this is a difficult task. You may modify the pipes more than needed. This can lead to imperfect dimensions, eventually leading to the pipes not fitting properly.

Thus, you should always trust professionals for custom jobs. Getting custom spools is the safest and best option. This way the company you hire takes care of everything for you. Steel fabrication is a skill not possessed by all. Thus, when getting custom spools they have the proper equipment and skill for it.

How to read piping size for the perfect fitting of piping spools?

Pipes are measured on the basis of five main things:


This metric measures how long a pipe is. For accurate measurement, use precise equipment.

Inside diameter

The inside diameter of a pipe measures the distance between the inside walls. It looks at how wide the opening of a pipe is.

Outside diameter

The outside diameter of a pipe is the measurement from one outside edge to its other opposite outside edge.

Wall thickness

Wall thickness simply translates to how thick a pipe is. It helps us understand how much load a pipe can bear.

Nominal pipe size

This metric is also used to measure the size of the pipe. All of these measurements combined are used to identify how big or small a pipe is. This is necessary to find the right size of spool for you. While measuring a pipe, always make sure that it is highly accurate. A slight difference in the size of the pipe can make the spools not fit properly.

What materials are used in pipe spools?

Depending on the usage, the material of a spool can vary. The major types of materials used in spools are as follows:

  1. Carbon steel
  2. Galvanized steel
  3. Impact Tested Carbon Steel (ITCS)
  4. Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS)
  5. Stainless steel

Apart from these, some applications require non-metallic piping systems. These materials are used due to the nature of the materials inside the pipes. The different types of polymers used are as follows:

  1. High-Density Poly Ethylene
  2. Poly Vinyl Chloride, etc.

To pick the right spool, you should first identify its intended usage. This will help you identify the best material for the spools.

How are pipe spools installed in a piping system?

To ensure a secure fit, the spools are installed in a step-by-step manner. These steps will help you understand what goes on during the installation process. You should always consult a professional for installation procedures. However, you can follow them to install the spools yourself as well. The steps are listed as follows:

1.    Prefabrication of spools

First of all the spools are prefabricated off-site. This helps in managing the work site more efficiently. It also helps to ensure cost efficiency.

2.    Design for pipe installation

The design process includes complete drawings of the piping system, supports, as well as the structure of the pipes.

3.    Pipework erection

The erection process is quite simple and straightforward. It basically covers the installation process of pipes, flanges, valves, and supports. It also looks at how the pipes are connected.

4.    Pressure testing

After the installation, the complete piping system is pressure tested. This involves taking the piping system through various stress tests. Successful completion of this process is necessary. Failure highlights the piping system is not suited for usage and should be revisited.

5.    Insulation

Pipe insulation is necessary to control the temperature as well as vibrations of the pipe. This is a crucial process as it helps to elongate the life of pipes as well as the supports attached.

6.    Quality control

Quality control refers to regular maintenance of the piping system. This process is done after the successful completion of the job. The pipes undergo extreme weather and pressure conditions. Thus it is necessary to maintain the health of the piping system.

What are the benefits of pipe spools?

Prefabricated pipes have many benefits for businesses. Apart from enhancing efficiency, they provide the following benefits:

1.  Cost efficiency

Prefabricated spools cost low. There are many reasons as to why that is the case. Since they are fabricated off-site, the cost of labor decreases. Other expenses such as transportation and accommodation of labor, etc., also cease to exist. Since they are fabricated in an environment that is optimized for this work, the cost of the product comes down.

2.  Higher quality product

Using proper high-quality equipment to fabricate the spools is necessary to get a high-quality finish. Doing this process on a construction site can lower the quality of the product. Thus, getting prefabricated spools is one way of ensuring the highest quality you can get. Environment plays an important factor in the quality of the product. Thus, getting your spools prefabricated in a safe and enclosed environment will always bring forth the best results.

3.    Corrosion resistance

Steel spools can fall victim to corrosion if not treated properly. Getting spools from companies such as Al Safrik Steel ensures that the product will be of high quality. We used galvanized coatings on our products. This ensures the product will remain rust-free and sustain all sorts of weather conditions and environments.

4.    Increased flexibility

The piping plan of a building can be changed if down the road a change is required. That is simply because of the use of spools. This allows for great flexibility. The users are not only limited to their original plan. They can change their piping with minimal expenses.

5.    Customization

Pipe spools provide a huge room for customization. It can range from the size of pipes to the types of spools and fittings you want to choose. Moreover, the material for the pipes and fittings is also one thing you can choose as per your requirements. Since no extra material gets wasted in this step, the overall efficiency of the product increases. There are many steel fabricators in the market to choose from. You should choose the right steel fabrication company to get the highest quality product.

6.    Improved work safety

Fabricating spools in an uncontrolled environment can be dangerous. It can compromise the safety of the work environment and of the workers as well. Prefabricated spools are great as they are fabricated by professionals in a controlled environment. They have proper safety measures thus ensuring the safety of the environment and the quality of the products.

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