Structural Steel fabrication in Saudi arabia

Structural Steel Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know  

Structural steel is widely used throughout the world. Modern buildings make extensive use of steel to add structural rigidity. Similarly, some of the most famous buildings in Saudi Arabia make extensive use of structural steel. Some notable buildings like King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture, etc. If you are looking to construct a building having knowledge about structural steel is crucial. This blog talks in detail about structural steel fabrication. Read till the end to find the most valuable information all in one place.

What is Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a type of steel made specifically to be used in construction. It has many properties such as high melting point as well as durability and strength. The steel comes in various shapes and sizes. However, it mainly comes in long beams commonly used in building construction. In addition to that, they are also used for constructing structures such as roads, bridges, etc.

How many types of structural steel are there?

The steel comes in four grades, each having specific qualities in them. The major types of structural steel used in structural steel fabrication are:

  1. Carbon steel

Carbon steel is known by this name because of the absence of other alloy elements such as Cobalt, Nickel, etc. Moreover, they only have trace amounts of Copper. Types of carbon steel are characterized by their varying content of carbon. As the carbon content varies, the steel’s properties also vary.

  1. Alloy steel

Alloy steel as the name suggests is made from various steel alloys. With the addition of various alloys, their properties change. It also depends on how much an alloy is added. Some common steel alloys used are Nickel, Manganese, Vanadium, etc.

  1. Forged steel

Forged steel is obtained by alloying iron and carbon under extreme pressure. The resulting material has higher strength and ductility than other types of steel. Forged steel is known for its durability and can be shaped into any required product. To achieve that the steel is hammered continuously.

What is Structural Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is a process that requires various techniques to alter the steel. This process is used to fabricate the steel into the required shapes and sizes. Performed anciently, the process has evolved. By making use of modern technologies, steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia has improved significantly.  There are many advantages to structural steel fabrication which will be discussed further down. This will help you understand the need for steel fabrication.

Which software is used for the drawing of structural steel fabrication?

To get a precise drawing of structural steel products, different software is used. They make the process easy and help bring a high-quality product. The process is very easy and requires a professional with knowledge of 3D programs. It may look easy but the process is very tedious and time-consuming. Any small mistake can lead to an unusable final product. Finding 3D modeling software is fairly easy. There are multiple options available online such as Robot Structural Software, Autodesk AutoCAD, RISA, etc., to name a few.

What are the stages of structural steel fabrication?

To get to the final product, there are multiple stages to steel fabrication.  A fabrication job can comprise multiple stages depending on the type of product. Some of the common phases of structural steel fabrication are as follows:

  1. Design phase

This phase is done before the actual fabrication. It includes designing the product using various software. Designing phase is very crucial as it determines how the final product will look like. It is also crucial because it gives input to the cutting and shaping machines. Any small mistake can jeopardize the whole fabrication job.

  1. Cutting phase

After the designing phase is completed, the cutting phase begins. It makes use of various cutting machines and techniques. Usually, a large piece of steel is used for this process. If a piece is cut more than it needs to be, the whole piece of steel can go to waste. Thus, some extra amount of steel is taken. This helps ensure that you always have enough steel to work with.

  1. Shaping phase

The shaping phase makes use of various techniques that help bring the product closer to finishing. The cutting phase makes the major cuts to the raw steel. However, the shaping phase does all the major work. Since this is a very tedious process it tends to take longer to complete as well.

  1. Finishing phase

The final phase of structural steel fabrication is the finishing phase. It comprises two major steps.

  • Final touchups to the product

Although the bulk of the work is done in the shaping phase, some final touchups are given in the finishing phase. In addition to that, the products are coated with galvanized coatings. Galvanization is a very important process and must be performed on all steel products. It elongates the life of the product. Additionally, it also allows the product to survive tough climate conditions.

  • Inspection of the product

To ensure that the product follows the quality standards, a final inspection is performed. This process must be performed before handing the final product to the customers. Any defects in the product are identified in this process, hence the importance. When a product passes the inspection phase, it then goes to the delivery phase.

  1. Delivery phase

The delivery phase is the final step of structural steel fabrication. This phase marks the end of the fabrication life cycle. After performing all of the quality tests, the product is handed over to the customer. Any changes regarding the quality of the product must be carried out before the delivery.

Who is a structural steel fabricator? What is their role?

Steel fabricators are a crucial part of the structural steel fabrication process. They are responsible for fabricating steel using the different stages above. There are many techniques and tools that a fabricator uses. Technology, tools, and experience are some of the major factors which impact the quality of their work. To choose the right metal fabricator you should look for their previous work. This will help you understand the quality of work they can produce.

How to find the best material for structural steel fabrication?

There are multiple materials available in the market. However, each material has its applications and uses. Choosing the best material for steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia can be a challenge. However, this is an easy task and you need not worry. Before going in the market you first need to identify the use of the material. This will narrow down your options. Asking the following questions will help you determine the right kind of material for the job:

  1. What kind of product do you need the material for?
  2. How strong does the product need to be?
  3. Is weight a concern for the product?
  4. Will the product be exposed to high temperatures?

These questions will help you narrow down the right material. There are many metals available. Identifying the properties your products need will guide your decision process correctly.

What factors contribute to the quality of a structural steel product?

Buying steel products is always a good decision. They are durable and long-lasting. However, some factors contribute to the quality of a steel product. In structural steel fabrication, the quality of the products is almost similar. They do however have properties that are unique to each steel alloy. Some of the most important factors that affect the quality of steel products are as follows:

  1. Carbon content

As mentioned earlier, varying carbon content in steel has varying properties. Having more carbon content means more strength and vice versa.

  1. Chemical composition

The chemical composition of steel depends on the alloys that make it up. Each alloy adds properties to the metal that is different from the rest.

  1. Thermal treatment

The steel goes through a process called thermal treatment. In this process, the heating and cooling temperatures are altered. Although this may sound absurd the process helps in strengthening the steel. As the strength requirements for steel vary, the thermal treatment also varies.

  1. Galvanized coating

Galvanized coatings are used to make steel resistant to rust. This is crucial if the steel has exterior applications. Weather conditions such as humidity, etc., cause rusting issues. Galvanization is performed to avoid that.

How is the cost of structural steel products determined?

The cost of steel products varies from time to time. One factor is the supply and demand which dictates the prices in the market. However, there are other factors as well which dictate the cost of steel products:

  1. Cost of steel

The cost of raw steel varies over time. As steel is made from various minerals, their cost influences the cost of steel. Problems such as the scarcity of some minerals can cause the cost of steel to go up.

  1. Cost of fabrication

Structural steel fabrication is a tedious and expensive process. It involves various equipment, tools, etc. The processing and shaping of the steel adds additional costs which are translated into the final product. There are many other costs such as business costs, taxes, etc., to name a few.

  1. Shipping cost

Shipping costs play an important role in dictating the cost of steel. In Saudi Arabia, not all cities have steel mills. The cost to transport the finished products to those cities is an extra expense. Thus, this is an important factor which cannot be ruled out.

  1. Economic factors

The economy of each country varies. Countries can have a fluctuating economy due to many reasons. The economic condition of the country can have an impact on the cost of steel products. The contributing factors are out of the scope of this blog. However, factors such as currency devaluation, inflation, etc., cause changes in the cost of products.

What structural steel products are made by Al Safrik Steel?

Al Safrik Steel is a structural steel fabrication company. We have many products for various applications and purposes. Our products are made from 100% steel. This allows us to deliver the best quality products in Saudi Arabia. We have a lot of products to choose from however some of our products are listed below as follows:

  1. Steel pallets
  2. Spreader beams
  3. Puddle flanges
  4. Pipe rigging rollers, etc.

Capturing the Saudi Arabian market with quality

Al Safrik Steel has been taking over the structural steel fabrication market in Saudi Arabia. Our products reflect quality which is a major factor contributing to our success. We provide not only the best products but amazing customer service to our clients. In addition to that, we are one of the very few fabrication companies providing custom fabrication.

You can choose your desired product from the very vast catalog on our website. Our online support system is available 24/7 to help with your queries. We are committed to excellence. That is the reason we use the best quality steel for structural steel fabrication in Saudi Arabia. So save time. Select the product of your choice and place an order today.